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Our writers are domain specialists, health and fitness experts, wellness professionals, spiritual thought leaders—many are pioneers in their own right.

Here is a list of the writers who have contributed one or more articles to Complete Wellbeing over the past several years. Click on the name to read more about them.

A SanjayA Sanjay (1)

Dr Ananthakrishna Sanjay, MBBS, DNB [Internal medicine], has a post graduate diploma in Diabetology and runs his own clinic Oxybliss Cardio and Diabetic Research Centre in Bengaluru

Aanchal AgrawalAanchal Agrawal (13)

Aanchal Agrawal is a mother, a psychotherapist, and a special educator. She is a gold medallist in psychology from Benaras Hindu University. She is interested in removing taboos regarding mental illness and aims to spread awareness about child development.

Abha IyengarAbha Iyengar (20)

 Abha Iyengar is an internationally published author, poet, editor and British Council certified creative writing facilitator. Her story, The High Stool, was nominated for the Story South Million Writers Award. She won the Lavanya Sankaran fellowship in 2009-2010. She was a finalist in the FlashMob 2013 Flash Fiction contest. Her published works are Yearnings, Shrayan, Flash Bites, Many Fish to Fry and The Gourd Seller and Other Stories.

Abhay AgrawalAbhay Agrawal (2)

Dr Abhay Agrawal, MD, is a laparoscopic bariatric surgeon at the Asian Heart Institute and the Center for Obesity Control Agrawal Clinic in Mumbai.

Abhijit JoshiAbhijit Joshi (2)

Dr Abhijit C Joshi, MS, Fellowship in Laparoscopy, Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopy, is a consultant, G I & Endo-Laparoscopic Surgeon at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai.

Abhijit NadgoudaAbhijit Nadgouda (1)

Abhijit Nadgouda is a software engineer, with over 10 years of experience, who focuses on design and development of software applications for improving our everyday lives.

Abhishek SharmaAbhishek Sharma (1)

Abhishek Sharma is a fitness coach and holistic trainer based in Mumbai. His coaching includes elements of martial arts and classical yoga. His workouts are designed to help develop both a truly fit body and a centered mind.

Acharya DasAcharya Das (1)

Acharya Das has taught yoga wisdom to appreciative audiences all around the world for over 40 years. He has an uncommonly deep understanding of yoga philosophy and practice and conveys that message in a clear and simple way. Acharya Das is a student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda and Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad in the Brahma Gaudiya yogic lineage.

Adam WallisAdam Wallis (1)

Adam Wallis has written on behalf of the Lighthouse International Society, a personal development, leadership and entrepreneurial not-for-profit community dedicated to helping people build their lives, families, careers or businesses to make an impact on our human family and earthly home. You can contact him at adam.wallis@lhslp.com

Adithya ShettyAdithya Shetty (3)

Adithya Shetty has a fellowship in Sports Sciences and a post graduate diploma in SPSN [Sports Physiotherapy & Sports Nutrition]. He is the co-founder and head of Exercise and Sports Medicine at Zela Luxury Health Clubs. Apart from being in the team doctor for several sports team, he has provided all the sports medicine support including fitness assessments, training plans, nutritional guidance, injury assessment and general medical management for the blockbuster movie, Chak De India.

Aditi BoseAditi Bose (1)

Aditi Bose is a mother and a freelance writer. She writes on parenting and relationships. She has over six years of experience in research and recruitment.

Aditi GaurAditi Gaur (1)

Aditi Gaur teaches a traditional Hatha Yoga practice. She has earned her RYT 200 certification from the Sivananda Yoga & Vedanta Centre and is currently studying for her RYT 500 certification with the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. For her, practice is about worshipping the divine within and this is what she offers to her students as well — the ability to switch off and discover who they really are.

Aditi ModyAditi Mody (1)

Aditi Mody understood her love for wildlife when she rescued a crow at the tender age of five. This puppy love turned into a full-fledged romance whilst visiting game reserves across India and Africa and, coupled with a flare for photography, turned into the perfect love affair.

Aditya TiwariAditya Tiwari (2)

Dr Aditya N Tiwari, MD, is a psychiatrist and arts-based therapist. He is the founder of Tattva Health Foundation.

Adrian FurnhamAdrian Furnham (1)

Adrian Furnham DPhil, DSc, is Professor of Psychology at University College London. He rides a bicycle to work [as he has always done] very early in the morning and does not have a mobile phone. He has written over 1000 scientific papers and 70 books.

Afrah KarmaleAfrah Karmale (3)

Afrah Karmale holds a B.H Sc degree in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a consultant nutritionist and dietitian at a leading healthcare firm. Afrah loves to read motivational and inspiring stories. She is also passionate about food, cooking and travelling. In any situation she relies on the 3 Ps of life: Prayer, Perseverance and Patience

Ailsa FrankAilsa Frank (1)

Ailsa Frank is a leading hypnotherapist with a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach who teaches the AMAZING zone technique. Through one-to-one therapy and her range of successful hypnotherapy recordings, Ailsa has already helped thousands of people to identify what they need to change in order to improve their lives and then to make those changes by moving their minds on from the past.

Aimee GinsburgAimee Ginsburg (1)

A graduate in International Relations and Mass Media from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Aimee Ginsburg has been calling India home for the past 10 years. Ginsburg has been with the media for the past 20 years and has worked as an editor and interviewer, and made critically-acclaimed documentaries for Israel’s foremost radio channel, Galei Tzahal. She has also been the first-ever award winning feminist columnist in Israel’s leading business magazine, Asakim Maariv.

Ajay PhadkeAjay Phadke (1)

Ajay Phadke, is the Founder and CEO of Type A Thought, a digital counselling platform for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Ajay PradhanAjay Pradhan (1)

Dr Ajay Pradhan is a homoeopathic physician practising in Mumbai. He spends his leisure time trekking, watching birds, gazing at stars and appreciating other wonders of Nature. He also conducts group adventures.

Ajit SinghAjit Singh (1)

Ajit Singh is a retired Jt. Commissioner from Mumbai, who has served in seven Indian states. He has designed and conducted courses on Behaviour Science and Training Technology in African and Asian countries. He now keeps himself busy with social work and writing articles.

Akanksha SinhaAkanksha Sinha (15)

Akanksha Sinha is a professional freelance writer and content specialist with over a decade of writing experience. She writes engaging web content, sales copy, brand stories, product descriptions and creative content for small-medium businesses, startups, niche-websites & entrepreneurs, across the globe. Her print articles have been published in the TOI and TII (a Dubai Magazine). A music enthusiast & first-generation entrepreneur, Akanksha has a knack for connecting with her readers through her simple yet impactful writing style.

Akash GautamAkash Gautam (1)

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events and Youth. Top corporate organisations in Asia go to him when they need lasting motivation for their teams. He uses sarcasm and humour to inspire his audience. Visit his website to know more.

Akash RajpalAkash Rajpal (2)

Dr Akash Rajpal, M.B.B.S doctor with post graduate credentials in public health, hospital administration and a Mergers & Acquisitions professional, has worked in both public and private sectors for more than 13 years. He is founder of EKOHEALTH which facilitates discounts & cost comparisons to the un-insurable segment like the senior citizens and diabetics to help them save money on health expenses.

Akshay ChhuganiAkshay Chhugani (1)

Akshay Chhugani is the founder and CEO of the The Indian Backpacker, a company that provides information and service to those who wish to backpack across India. His vision is to popularise India as a backpacking destination and to create awareness about the beauty, culture, and heritage of the country.