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elderly woman smiling through the window with cup in hand

6 Tips to Prevent Fragile Fractures in the Elderly

Those suffering from osteoporosis are prone to fragile fractures. An orthopaedist shares 6 tips that can help minimise the risk of such fractures
senior man memory loss, alzheimers

8 Things You Can Do to Support a Loved One With Alzheimer’s

Consider these suggestions by a neurologist while caring for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. These will help you support them physically and emotionally

Living with dignity in old age

Incontinence in the elderly needs to be tackled with an open mind

Challenges in taking care of ageing parents

Life goes full circle when grown-up children need to take care of their ageing parents
Two old man having good conversation

Age old concerns

Here are some signs to watch out for in old age, and seek immediate attention if they surface

Old is gold

Ageing need not mean deterioration. There are many options that we, or our parents, can choose even at a late stage in life

60+ and still sleeping sound

By following good sleep habits even seniors can sleep well

Get out of a fall trap

Falls lead to major mishaps and physical disability in old age. Here are eight ways to minimise them

Edentulism: Being toothless

Don't let your missing teeth wipe the smile off your face; deal with it effectively

Video:International Day of Older Persons 2009

30-year-old actress Lesley Hart was made up as a 70-year-old as part of an experiment to see how people in Scotland treat the elderly for International Older Persons Day