Krishna and Arjuna on the chariot - Bhagavad Gita

Science of Identity Foundation Shares Life Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita: Peace

The Bhagavad-Gita contains wisdom that will help us get what we are really looking for, behind all pursuit of all the material stuff and experiences.

What happens in the mind as we focus on breath and sensations in the body?

Renowned neuroscientist Catherine Kerr speaks about the benefits of mindfulness meditation for both mind and body.

How are mindfulness and compassion related

Jon Kabat-Zinn shares how mindfulness relates to compassion quoting Einstein and Tibetan wisdom in the same breath.

10 mindful minutes a day

Andy Puddicombe dispels myths about meditation - like sitting cross-legged, incense sticks, or that it's about controlling your mind, putting some curbs on your thoughts. It's none of that.

Metta Bhavana: All-encompassing love

The Loving-Kindness or Mettā Bhāvanā meditation can help you to develop a deep sense of caring for your self and for all around you

How to get past the 3 big reasons that stop you from meditating

Wayne Allen provides practical tips to overcome three self-created impediments to meditating

Words of wisdom from meditation teachers

Teachers share their views and experiences on meditation

Tools to facilitate meditation

The right meditation tools act as a guide that lead you into the wondrous world of inner discovery

Breath in — Stress out

Letting go of stress is as easy as breathing. Don't believe us? Try it

Mindful Meditation

Enjoy the video of the waves hitting the shore, the sounds, the atmosphere and use these natural elements to get a glimpse the inner peace that is innate to all us human beings.


Maya Kirpalani