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Whole nutmegs and ground nutmeg spice in the wooden spoon closeup | Helath benefits of nutmeg

How to buy, store and use nutmeg for good health + a safety alert

Nutmeg is a spice loaded with healing properties. But you must use it wisely to savour its taste as well as enjoy its health benefits
Cinnamon in quill form and powder form

What makes cinnamon a super spice (and how to best use it)

A dietician and nutrition educator walks us through the many health benefits of cinnamon
Cardamom pods with cardamom powder on a table

10 health benefits of cardamom + 10 tips to use it

The pods of cardamom enclose a strong characteristic flavour and loads of goodness. Here are 10 health benefits of this amazing spice
stinging nettle leaves in cup of water

Use stinging nettle for healing

Stinging nettle has dozens of health benefits; it helps in treating urinary tract infections, allergies, skin problems, kidney stones and many more conditions

Meet black pepper, the king of spices

With its medicinal attributes and taste-enhancing quality, the king of spices is worth its weight in gold

SAFFRON: Super Spice

It is the most expensive spice in the world, so it’s prudent to know how to buy, store and use saffron
Outdoor portrait of a beautiful young brunette woman smiling happy

Ayurveda is good for women’s health

Mother Nature has a treasure trove of gifts just for women. Use these Ayurvedic herbs to prevent, cure and alleviate all your health problems
Mustard seed

Mustard seed: A friend indeed

The little herb-spice comes handy not just in the kitchen but even in your medicine cabinet

Tamarind: Tangy talents

With its ability to spike your taste buds and help you stay healthy, tamarind makes a good case for being on your 'must-have' list
Sage Leaves

How to use sage leaves for good health (+a safety alert)

Sage leaves have anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and astringent properties