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Tangy’ble kokum

Kokum lends a natural tangy taste to food, is a good preservative, and has a host of healing properties
Fenugreek seeds (methi) spilling from a jar

Choose good health with fenugreek seeds (methi)

A household item in India, fenugreek seeds are touted in Ayurveda for their therapeutic properties. But one must have them in moderation

Why sesame is good

Discover the health benefits of sesame seeds

Why eat parsley

Dense in nutrients, parsley has more vitamin C than most vegetables and fruits

Ginkgo biloba: The superstar herb

Gingko biloba, though not well-known, is widely used around the globe for its numerous health benefits

The colourful secret about phytonutrients

Learn the mystery behind the vibrant colours of fruits and vegetables and a healthy life
chamomile tea in a cup

The benefits of chamomile tea to soothe your frazzled nerves

Chamomile offers multiple health benefits, helping your sleep better and bringing a sense of calm are just two of them

Cinnamon: The nice Spice

Cinnamon is good for your taste buds, but it's even better for your health. Here's why

Wheatgrass: Grazing for health

Wheatgrass is nature's powerhouse of nutrition. Let's graze on it to reap its benefits

Rosemary: The VIP

Don't go by the looks of this petite-looking herb; it's a VIP [very important plant] in many cuisines, medicines and even cosmetics