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Holy Book of Truth | Concept of Scriptures

Looking for the Truth? Empty Your Mind, says Osho

To know something about truth and to know truth are two totally different things, explains Osho
The Symbol of Om or Aum

How To Make the Most of Om (Aum) Chanting

Om, or Aum, is not only the basic sound of the Universe, it is also a prayer by itself
woman facing lake in meditation; vipassana tips

First Time on the 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat? These Tips Will Help

Just signed up for your first vipassana retreat? Here's a guide on how to prepare yourself to sit through the 10 days
Woman practicing morning chants and mantras

Morning Mantras (Chants) to Awaken the Power Within

Reciting these morning mantras and chants will not awaken your inner power but also help you start your day on a serene and invigorating note
young woman practising conscious breathing outdoors

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches how to practice conscious breathing

Conscious breathing is the key to uniting body and mind and bringing the energy of mindfulness into each moment of our life
Man standing on rock alone

Meditation: What it is and what it is not

There are many misconceptions surrounding meditation. But what exactly is meditation? And more importantly, what is it not? Let's find out...
Pencil portrait of man and woman in a state desire desire

Understanding and opening up to desire

Once you understand that desire is dynamic, it can go from being an affliction to becoming your teacher
Younng women offering a silent prayer

The healing power of silent prayer

Much needed advice from Dada Vaswani in these difficult times: start visualising your own wellbeing during moments of silent prayer
man in contemplation of his true nature

Osho Reflects on His True Nature

"Form, taste, smell, touch, sound – apart from these what else is there in me?" reflects Osho as he explores his true nature
2 figures shaking hands, enemy

How do you love an enemy?

We may have every intention to forgive and love like Jesus asked us to. But what if the person in question refuses to reconcile and behaves like an enemy?