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Spic and span

Spick and Span: cleanliness at home

A clean and tidy home not only contributes immensely to our wellbeing, it also promotes the flow of positive energy

The daily drill

Simple tips for good dental hygiene

Dental hygiene basics

A reminder of the problems we face if we do not maintain oral hygiene...

Soaps: choose the right one for yourself

Soaps today offer more than just cleansing benefits. Here’s a brief introduction on different types of soaps to help you choose the right one

Simple tips for good oral hygiene

Factors that causes bad breath and what we can do about it
Dental Chair

Dental myths uprooted

Let's drill into the common misconceptions about dental care and fill them up with the truth

Keep your newborn clean

Babies are pure; keep them that way by following good hygiene

Rinse and shine

A clean skin, from top to bottom, does wonders for your health, confidence and popularity
Two girls walking on road in rain

Monsoon hygiene: Get set to get wet

Monsoon is an ideal time for infections to catch you. A high degree of personal hygiene will help you run away from them and enjoy the rain

Hygiene and nutrition to prevent hepatitis

Simple steps like proper hygiene and good food habits help prevent and control hepatitis