Spick and Span: cleanliness at home

A clean and tidy home not only contributes immensely to our wellbeing, it also promotes the flow of positive energy

Spic and span

After a tiring day at work, each of us long to return to a clean, comfortable and peaceful home – one that can help us to relax and unwind.

No one ever said that keeping the home clean was easy. However, it is definitely something that cannot be ignored either! A clean home is the key to having a healthy home. A little bit of organised and sustained effort on the part of every member of the family can go a long way in keeping your home clean and healthy.

Home cleaning

Shop for good quality cleaning supplies for your home such as scrubs, wash cloth, dusters, brooms, room fresheners, dish detergents, and liquid soap, detergents for clothes, and keep them well stocked at all times. It is a good practice to store all these cleaning items together in one place so that you can find them easily. However, keep in mind that such items should be kept away from children.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas of your home that need special care and attention.

Bedroom and living room

Find a place for everything and keep everything in place.

  • Your bedroom should be spic and span with minimum clutter and confusion. This makes the cleaning job easier and minimises the chances of dust collection
  • Sweep and mop the floors with a good, natural disinfectant mixed in water
  • Use clean and washed pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets and bedcovers as this is where dust mites thrive
  • Clean and wipe all electrical fittings like ceiling fans, lights, lamps etc., Remove cobwebs and follow a thorough dusting regime as often as possible
  • Every once in a while, clear your wardrobe and cupboards. You will be surprised to find a lot of unwanted items that you would want to dispose off
  • Clean and dust your shoe-rack from time to time
  • Your living room should be vacuumed and tables wiped with a clean cloth.


The bathroom can become a haven for germs, if not cleaned properly. Maintaining bathroom hygiene and cleanliness is imperative to having a healthy home.

  • Disinfect and clean the floor, commode and the seat of the commode daily. Choose only the best home products for your home.
  • Keep the drains clean so that they don’t get clogged. Any clogging should be cleared quickly with the help of a plumber
  • Clean the bath tubs regularly to avoid infection
  • Use good quality brushes, brooms, mops etc., to clean the wash basin and bath tub
  • Never use the toilet brush to clean the wash basin, or vice versa, as this increases the chances of infection
  • Clean the bathroom window and keep the bathroom ventilated with the help of an exhaust fan. Bathroom fresheners are also a good idea
  • Fix those leaking taps and seepages
  • Throw away the trash daily.


Your kitchen is probably the most important part of the house that requires regular and thorough cleaning.

  • Wipe the stove soon after you finish cooking. Also, wipe the counter tops, sink and work area regularly
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor with a good disinfectant [phenyl] mixed in water. Such cleaning solutions are easily available in the market
  • Clear clogged drains immediately and clean them properly as this is the area that is most susceptible to bacteria and germs
  • Wash and change the kitchen cloth, wipes, and mops frequently
  • Store your kitchen essentials and food items in air-tight containers to keep them fresh and safe from insects
  • Make sure your kitchen is well-ventilated. Get the chimney and exhaust fan oiled and cleaned from time to time. Clear out all the grease
  • If you spill something, make it a habit to mop immediately so as to minimise the chances of insect breeding
  • Avoid clutter and keep your kitchen insect-free.

Carpets, rugs and upholstery

Guard all possible entry points that bring in dust, dirt, germs and bacteria.

  • Place good quality, washable mats at entrances
  • Train every member of your family to take off their shoes before entering the home as this helps in reducing germs, dirt, dust and pollutants from the house
  • Carpets and rugs in your home deserve extra attention while cleaning as they tend to collect maximum dust and germs. Your carpet should be brushed everyday, rolled and picked up while the floors are being swept
  • If you have pets, keep them clean by giving them a daily bath
  • Curtains can be dry cleaned or washed at fixed intervals
  • Your sofa and other furniture pieces may look clean but they may be hiding a lot of dust and dirt within the upholstery and carvings. Use a good vacuum cleaner with its special attachments to clean between the lines and under the sofas.

Your home is your special place and deserves all the love, care and attention that you can give it!

Don’t procrastinate

Each one of us tends to put off chores that we dislike for a later date. Don’t leave your house cleaning for tomorrow. If you see a cobweb on the ceiling, pick up your broom and remove it as soon as you notice it, or it will just get bigger. Weekdays might be busy for you, so plan your house cleaning schedule for the weekends.

Make it a family affair

The task of home cleaning should be shared by all members of the family, so that it doesn’t become a burden for any one person alone. Young kids can have fun while helping you with home cleaning. Assign simple tasks to them and keep them involved.

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