Mother disappointed with her child

Have you ever regretted becoming a parent?

Is your child giving you a difficult time? Try the ‘parent as coaches’ method


Science of Identity Foundation Shares Life Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita: Peace

The Bhagavad-Gita contains wisdom that will help us get what we are really looking for, behind all pursuit of all the material stuff and experiences.


5 precise steps for spiritual surrender

Far from being a necessary condition to achieving your goals, struggling is often counterproductive, says Gabrielle Bernstein

A guide to staying fit while travelling

Simple tips to avoid weight gain and stay fit during vacation


The wellness paradigm: You got it all wrong!

Wellness is not about preventing or minimising the risk of disease; it is a mindset of living your life to the fullest

You and your body

Understanding what makes you different will help you accept your body better, and enhance your sense of health and wellbeing

The astonishing power of clarity

It is only when you are able to see your dreams clearly, can you expect them to become real


man groping a young girl

Groping is the evidence of a twisted psyche, not a symbol of machismo

The author recounts her first experience of being groped in public and suggests that predators are themselves victims who are in need of healing
Corporate yoga

Read this before you organise a corporate yoga session

Seven tips to make sure the corporate yoga session at your workplace turns out to be a hit with your staff
Young handsome man smiling in happiness

Happiness is not practical

To the author, the pursuit of happiness makes more sense than mindlessly chasing security, which is nothing more than an illusion
illustration of handcuffs aroud facebook like icons - addicted to Facebook

How taking a break from Facebook improved my life right away

If you find yourself getting addicted to Facebook the way I was, then you too should try the same and give yourself a break
Man smiling with tea

The surprisingly simple mantra for maximum living

Want your life to be filled with love, peace and happiness? Embrace minimalism


If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

Board therapist Sean Stephenson shares three life-changing lessons with inmates of Ironwood State Prison, California

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