Anchoring myself in Bali

Intent on discovering the world in her inimitable way, Somali Roy packed her bags and headed to explore the enchanting island of Indonesia


16 Keys to Living Healthy In Your Old Age

I had a good friend who thought she was living a healthy life because she was vegan.  Yet she smoked tobacco, drank alcohol, and...


What my daughter taught me about differently abled children

The author re-discovered her ability to connect with everyone without being unnecessarily self-protective and suspicious

Persistence: the key to successfully changing any habit

Breaking old habits is difficult because we’re in the grip of inertia and lack persistence


Success without life balance is incomplete and leads to burnout

Balance is not an empty cliche; it is the most important factor for health, happiness, fulfilment in your life

How to live your best life

Here are 100 powerful ideas to help you live your best life. If there ever was a life manual, it would be like this one—crisp, sensible and powerful

Sleep like the Buddha

Feel the comfort of your bed. Are you there to enjoy it? Or are you mentally somewhere else, stressing about something that happened during the day, or might happen tomorrow?


Corporate yoga

Read this before you organise a corporate yoga session

Seven tips to make sure the corporate yoga session at your workplace turns out to be a hit with your staff
Young handsome man smiling in happiness

Happiness is not practical

To the author, the pursuit of happiness makes more sense than mindlessly chasing security, which is nothing more than an illusion
illustration of handcuffs aroud facebook like icons - addicted to Facebook

How taking a break from Facebook improved my life right away

If you find yourself getting addicted to facebook the way I was, then you too should try the same and give yourself a break
Man smiling with tea

The surprisingly simple mantra for maximum living

Want your life to be filled with love, peace and happiness? Embrace minimalism

Coco Shambhala: Delightfully Cosy

Six reasons why you should stay at this resort on your next holiday to Goa


Want to meditate, but can’t? Watch this!

Discover and deal with the myths, misconceptions and self-deceptions that come between you and meditation

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