Warning you are being manipulated

Warning! You are being manipulated

Do you frequently find yourself catering to others’ whims? It’s likely that you are being manipulated by the people you trust


How I saved my love life by changing my beliefs

Sometimes it’s our own beliefs that come in the way of our happiness

The man who eliminated uncertainty

What would happen if the future was certain?

Should I speak up or stay silent?

What happens when people stay silent in situations where they ought to speak up? The author gives a not-so-subtle warning


I cook to show you I love you

Osho once said in discourse: “Those who have eaten the food cooked by Sarjano have tasted enlightenment in his spaghetti!” Swatantra Sarjano shares what cooking means to him

How to stay open to suffering without clinging to it

We attempt to block anguish, but only by letting suffering flood our lives can we finally find joy

How to get past the 3 big reasons that stop you from meditating

Wayne Allen provides practical tips to overcome three self-created impediments to meditating


Young handsome man smiling in happiness

Happiness is not practical

To the author, the pursuit of happiness makes more sense than mindlessly chasing security, which is nothing more than an illusion
illustration of handcuffs aroud facebook like icons - addicted to Facebook

How taking a break from Facebook improved my life right away

If you find yourself getting addicted to facebook the way I was, then you too should try the same and give yourself a break
Man smiling with tea

The surprisingly simple mantra for maximum living

Want your life to be filled with love, peace and happiness? Embrace minimalism

Coco Shambhala: Delightfully Cosy

Six reasons why you should stay at this resort on your next holiday to Goa
Man kneeling down and praying

The secret to happiness is surprisingly simple

Happiness is not found out there in the world; it's found in your own heart and mind


The one vital life skill we were never taught in school

A priest highlights the value of concentration and shares an easy but powerful technique that you can practise to develop the power of focus in your life

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