Unconventional Advice for Young Managers

Work tips for young managers from a veteran psychologist and one of the world’s foremost minds in HR


Couple sitting on the bench and thinking | Concept of Living with a Perfectionist Partner

How to Live With a Perfectionist Partner: Experts Advice

Being married to a perfectionist can be difficult. Here are some ways that can help make living with a perfectionist spouse easier
Woman aiming with an arrow | Concept of staying calm and composed

How To Stay Calm and Composed In All Situations

Skill and knowledge have no value unless they are accompanied by unwavering composure
Girl praying | Ho’oponopono concept

Ho’Oponopono and the Four Phrases That Heal and Help

Whenever you notice an inner disturbance created by something going on outside of yourself, it becomes an opportunity to practice this new approach
Man doing cardio exercise on a treadmill

Cardio Exercises: Expert Insights Into Your Top 5 Questions

Despite being a popular form of workout, there are many doubts surrounding cardio. Here are answers to the top 5 questions about cardio exercise
Happy, beautiful young woman on a boat | prioritizing mental health concept

7 Top Tips for Prioritizing Mental Health

Neglecting your mental health can prove to be disastrous. Here are 7 ideas on prioritizing mental health for a healthier and happier life


Car exhaust | traffic pollution concept

Exposure to air pollution might up your risk of multiple long-term health conditions

A large study of 364,000 adults has found that those living in areas with high air pollution are more likely to have multiple long-term health conditions
Woman drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy? It can harm your baby’s brain development

Consuming even in low to moderate amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can change the baby’s brain structure and delay brain development, a new study has found
Woman with yoga mat | Concept for exercise mitigates fatigue post breast cancer treatment

Exercise helps mitigate fatigue post breast cancer treatment

Exercise can help mitigate cancer-related fatigue and decreased quality of life in breast cancer patients post radiotherapy
Boss bullying subordinate

Workplace bullying may cause victims to develop conspiracy theories

New research shows link between workplace bullying and conspiracy theories
Strict parenting | Mother scolding son

Strict parenting increases risk of depression in later life

Children who perceive their parents as harsh have an increased risk for depression in adolescence and later life


Ignite your inner SPARK — An interview with Azim Jamal

Azim Jamal posing with his new book SPARK and his other books
Manoj Khatri interviews best-selling author and speaker Azim Jamal about his new book "SPARK: Journey from Success to Significance"


This is how I made my intercultural marriage to an Indian work

Alexandra Madhavan tells us how she makes her cross-cultural, transnational marriage work

A short manual for raising conscious kids

Raising them as conscious individuals is the best gift you can give to your children; here's a how-to guide to help you raise conscious kids

Find your courage and stop letting fear run your life

Courage is a skill and, like all skills, it can be learned and developed to a level of mastery with consistent effort and commitment
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