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101 lame excuses imprinted on the back of a shaved head

A list of 101 excuses that you need to discard now

Presenting a list of 101 excuses that are preventing you from living your happiest and healthiest life—throw them out of your life now!
Sustainable living concept of a green Earth in a hand

A 3-step beginner’s guide to sustainable living (with poster)

Here are the 3 principles of sustainable living. Follow these and you can gradually move to a zero waste lifestyle
diwali earthen diyas, eco-friendly

5 tips for celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali

Festive occasions are the perfect opportunity to put into practice the wonderful ideas of sustainability and mindfulness
woman standing with arms at the window in morning / morning routine concept

How to maintain your morning routine when travelling

The secret to sticking to your morning routine even when travelling is to be armed with a travel-ready routine
woman confused with what to wear / decluttering mistakes

7 decluttering mistakes to avoid

Decluttering is not the same as organizing your wardrobe. Learn how to declutter like a pro
fresh bunch of coriander

A step-by-step guide to growing coriander at home

Fed up of buying the pale wilted coriander that your vegetable vendor sells? You can easily grow your own at home, in a container
party marked on calendar

Hosting a party? Here’s your complete guide to making it a perfect one

An etiquette expert tells you how to go about planning the perfect party, right from making the guest list through saying the goodbyes
Woman opening a refrigerator which is organised neatly

Tips and hacks to help you make the most of your refrigerator

An efficiently arranged refrigerator can help you save time, plan your grocery shopping better and is pleasing to the eye
Happy man silhouette flying with birds

8 principles for a joyous and stress-free life

Everyone wants to be happy—unfortunately the world teaches us that financial gain and success bring happiness. So we sacrifice our physical, mental and emotional health to earn more and move ahead. But maybe it’s time we asked ourselves: where are we headed?
Top ten common gardening mistakes newbies make

Common gardening mistakes newbies make

Growing your own plants can be immensely satisfying, provided you do it right. Here are top 10 common gardening mistakes to avoid