Wellbeing apps for enhancing your wellness journey

We have curated a list of popular wellbeing apps that will help enrich your journey towards wellbeing

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In his book, Future Luxe: What’s Ahead for the Business of Luxury, top luxury analyst Erwan Rambourg wrote that in the post-Covid era, health will become the ultimate luxury. His prediction is not far-fetched considering how the global pandemic has made us all realise the urgent importance of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Individuals the world over are adopting wellbeing practices such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga to cope with the challenges of the pandemic and lockdowns. People are also making the conscious choice of prioritising their wellbeing over high-paying but stressful jobs. They are choosing to foster social connections and paying greater attention to the wellbeing of the planet too.

Accompanying many of these individuals on their newfound path of wellbeing are apps that make it easier for them to stick to the commitment of living healthier, happier and more conscious lives.

We have curated a list of popular wellbeing apps that will help enrich your journey towards your wellbeing.

5 wellbeing apps for enhancing your wellness journey

1. Headspace

Emphasising the core idea of providing mindfulness through mediation, Headspace is a platform packed with many features. With the help of science-backed facts and mindfulness tools, Headspace aims to instill life-changing habits that promote your mental wellbeing. Its interface is interactive and radiates positivity, promoting audiences to sign up in a jiffy. It allows you to personalise your wellbeing requirements as per your demands. There is a plethora of guided courses to manage cravings, distractions, and lack of focus along with SOS options to deal with more serious emotional issues. Simple workouts, mindful cardio and mental fitness regimes can also be found easily on the app.


Headspace offers two auto-renewing subscription options for Indian users:

  • ₹124.92 per month
  • ₹1,499 per year

2. Calm

Calm is an app that supports its users from the get-go. With a mission of helping users improve their health and happiness, it allows you to choose what it can help you with. Having trouble falling asleep? Wish to reduce anxiety and improve focus? Or is it something entirely else that you are seeking from your wellness journey? Calm has a solution for all your problems. With features such as Daily 10-Minute Calm, stories narrated by well-known voices such as Mathew McConaughey, a music library with exclusive tracks from Keith Urban and Disney and masterclasses by experts, Calm has become a favorite app among users.


Calm offers the following annual subscription model in India:

  • ₹3,999 per year

3. RoundGlass Living

RoundGlass Living is an integrated wholistic wellbeing solution that aims to take care of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The app helps users meet their day-to-day wellbeing needs such as work-life balance, better sleep, parenting skills, healthy recipes, dealing with grief and making end-of-life decisions. It offers authentic evidence-backed content such as articles, recipes, playlists, classes and courses and videos, curated by the world’s best teachers who guide you on your wellbeing journey. Users can also attend live events with leading wellbeing experts from around the globe.

The app offers multiple wellbeing practice pathways to choose from — meditation and mindfulness, yoga, music and cooking. Users can create their profiles and receive personalised recommendations and watch themselves grow into their better selves.


RoundGlass Living offers two auto-renewal subscription models for Indian users:

  • ₹719 per month
  • ₹4,657 (approx) per year

4. Shyft

Ever thought that a wellness app can also help you manage PCOS symptoms, hypertension and thyroid conditions? Shyft does exactly that. This app is your personal lifestyle management companion. It offers guided meditation along with content such as music, podcasts, sleep stories etc. You can avail of nutrition services in a 1-on-1 format with a set of highly qualified clinical nutritionists. You can also access high-demand sessions that can help you track specific health and wellness concerns. Curate your own wellness packs with a selection of classes aimed to reduce stress, improve focus, fix sleep cycle!

The subscription models of the platform also provide you with an opportunity to interact with wellness experts in real-time via the app.


Shyft Health offers two auto-renewal subscription models:

  • ₹399 for the quarterly plan
  • ₹699 for the annual plan

5. Evolve

Providing a safe space of inclusive mental health facilities, the Evolve App has a range of offerings that can help users to sleep well, become more focused, de-stress and improve their mental health. The platform provides different kinds of sessions, short personalised therapies as well as courses on bedtime routine. It also provides you with an opportunity to interact with expert mental health professionals. With tools such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) available at a single tap, Evolve can help boost your psychological wellbeing.


Evolve offers two auto-renewal subscription models to users based in India:

  • ₹399 per month
  • ₹1,999 per year


Being busy coping with daily challenges of life, you may miss out on managing negativity and difficult emotions, eating healthy or giving enough time to your family. But thanks to technology, you can now be more adept at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The wellbeing apps listed above can be downloaded and used for free with premium features at a price. Try any or all of them to get a head start on your wellness journey.

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