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Akshay is one of the most qualified and experienced health, fitness and nutrition consultants in the field. An athlete, coach, nutritionist, author and over all a defence forces officer and a former pilot - all rolled in one. A transformation expert, he is known for taking over those cases which most professionals have given up. He is the co-founder and Fitness Chief of one of the most research based gyms in the country "Body Mechanics" and just launched the Human Design School.

The two cardinal rules of eating

Getting the most out of your diet means knowing not just what to eat, but when to eat it, says an accomplished fitness expert

When and what to eat the whole day for optimum health

When you eat is as important as what you eat

The correct way to warm-up

Do you feel that warm-ups impede your workout? Or are they an integral part? Facts about warm-up exercises you need to know

What’s for dinner?

For optimum weight loss, should the last meal of the day be like a king, prince or pauper? Akshay Chopra answers

Xenoestrogens: Clear and present danger

There is an urgent need to recognise the health dangers of using plastic bottles, food containers and chemicals in our food and cosmetics

Cardio confusion

Morning or evening? On an empty stomach or not? Weights before or after? Akshay Chopra answers the big questions surrounding cardio exercise

5 exercises for a strong core

Challenge your idea of what is core training and learn the five most powerful exercises for a strong core

Whey Protein: A special kind of protein

Why whey protein is the best form of protein supplement and how to choose the right one for you

No better way to waste your time than hours on the treadmill

Cardio is not the way to shedding kilos, weight training is; besides, too much cardio is counter-productive