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Dwayna Covey
Dwayna M Covey MEd., is a performance consultant, speaker, certified laughter leader, laughter yoga teacher and reiki master. She is currently member of the Board of Directors for the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humour. Her enthusiasm, authenticity and humour empower the courage in others to create the life they want. Read her column, “A Dose of Dwayna” at www.thebridgeweekly.com

No more New Year’s resolutions

Forget New Year's resolutions; set intentions instead, says Dwayna Covey

The disastrous job interview that changed my life

Sometimes over preparing for a job interview can backfire. Like it did for Dwayna Covey

Me vs my facial hair

It’s been a lifelong battle with facial hair for Dwayna Covey and it still isn’t clear who the winner is

How I discovered I am not that open-minded

Dwayna M Covey went in for a massage and learned a lesson she’ll never forget!

The day I did the ant dance

That day the parcel in my mailbox had me dancing all over in my car


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