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Things people say when you tell them you are a blogger

A blogger’s humorous take on the common reactions she garners when she says she is a proud blogger
Illustration job interview candidate with long nose, lying

The lies we speak in a job interview [and what we actually mean]

Job interviews have become great opportunities to exaggerate your insignificant skills, veil the not-so-impressive truths about your previous jobs and appear as confident as a lion even though you are more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
Man removing tape off mouth, speak up

Should I speak up or stay silent?

What happens when people stay silent in situations where they ought to speak up? The author gives a not-so-subtle warning
cartoon sketch of girl in gym wear with water bottle

Yes, I’m a fitness freak and I’m not ashamed to say it

A self-confessed health enthusiast justifies her passionate love affair with fitness
Man wearing hat and bow with solourful tattoo on arms

Do you dress to kill [your chances]?

In our desperate attempts to look different, we often end up looking…desperate
Woman with her traveling bag on a vacation

The four stages of a “perfect” vacation

We put so much emphasis on impressing others with our travel adventures that we miss out why we took the vacation in the first place
Happy old woman showing thumsup

Are you overlooking the wisdom that comes with ageing?

"It's the display of our wisdom that should be referred to as a 'senior moment'. Not when we are having a weak moment", says the author, who is a senior citizen
Hilarious cartoon of man reading newspaper

Of slipped tongues and other hilarious play of words

The author narrates a few hilarious mix-ups of word and deed that will make you ROFL
man strangling his colleague in office

7 types of coworkers you wish you could strangle

Do you dream of choking that colleague who gets on your nerves? Here's some unusual advice on dealing with the annoying habits of your coworkers
Executive reading magazine with tea cup and smartphone on table

Why you should take a break from Facebook

Social media is anything but social, says Johhny Virgil as he offers compelling reasons to stay away from your favourite social media site