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Women and the art of living

Women achieve wellbeing just by being themselves
Man with a mocking face

The spirit of laughter

The journey of a thousand laughs begins with one chuckle
Penguin with a gun

Laugh and be well

Think you're not funny? Think again. You can teach yourself to be funny and life will be so much more fun

September 2012 issue: Are you serious?

Laughter cuts across the barriers of language, ethnicity, nationality and other social constructs of human being.

For the love of it all!

Roses, chocolates, stuffed toys, candle-light dinner. sounds familiar? Read on to find out what women think about these time-honoured romantic gestures

How to find the Frenemy

Not all your friends are your well wishers; some of them are wolves in a sheep's clothing

Enjoy the ride

What's the point of spending so much time achieving something and not being able to enjoy what we did to achieve it?

The folly of food

Have a look at these health building food myths which don't have a single grain of truth in them

Oh, those fad diets!

For people with a diet-fixation, the more bizarre the diet the better

At the heart of it all

The heart is a favourite organ that is most talked about. Why the obsession with the heart?