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David Bardsley
Dr David Bardsley is an author, surgeon and speaker. Dr. Bardsley dedicates his time to helping individuals and families of children with behavioral and learning problems. His presentation and book present a unique and personal perspective into the world of abnormal behavior. His story of hope, struggle and victory is intended to help any family struggling with a “LESS THAN PERFECT CHILD.”

What you think about most becomes your reality

"As you think so shall you become" is not a cliché—it's the fundamental truth. Your dominant thoughts are responsible for all that happens to you

Love makes all possible

If you give your child unwavering love and support, no limitation is strong enough to keep him from reaching his maximum potential

Are you on a guilt trip?

Free yourself of self-defeating feelings of guilt

A father’s resolve

How a father and son lost excess weight and gained some priceless things in life