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Working parents with kids in their arms

11 tips to cope with challenges of being working parents

How working parents can break free of the constant worry about not doing enough for their kids and their work
Couple sharing household chores

The Best Way of Sharing Household Chores

There is greater efficiency and happiness in a home where family members share household responsibilities equally
Boy studing in stress

Testing times: how to support your child during times of crucial exams

Don’t let exam stress get the better of your child
Small girl covering her face with her hands

Sexual abuse ruins the family

Sexual abuse of children is rampant but rarely spoken about. Harish Iyer has used his personal experience to show us how we can protect our children

Am I a good mother?

Angela Lam Turpin recounts how she went from being a clumsy, self-doubting mother to a confident mom

I never imagined my kids would learn so much by painting rocks

Sometimes a simple creative project can turn out to be the most rewarding. Jenny Dix shares what one such project taught her kids

Forging a Lifelong Bond With the Newborn

Bonding with your newborn is essential for their wellbeing; it also builds a deep connection between you and your baby

Are you a helicopter parent?

Back off! The constant hovering could be detrimental to your child’s growth

Mother daughter relationship

It takes effort on the part of both the mother and the daughter to strengthen the bond they share
Happy family

New parent for your child

Steps to follow when introducing a step-parent into your child’s life