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Couple in romantic mood — Concept for Dynamics of Attraction

Dynamics of Attraction: What Makes Us Attractive to Others

You walk into a party, and wham—there is someone who you would like to get to know better!
Romantic couple

What is Sexual Electricity and How is it Generated

The kind that leaves you feeling, happy, charged, alive and ready for more
A happy couple on sofa | asexual relationships concept

Even asexual individuals can forge successful romantic relationships: New Study

The ingredients that make for a successful romantic relationship are virtually the same among asexual and non-asexual individuals, a new study has found

5 ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner

If you implement the ideas in this article, you will successfully rekindle the flame of a romantic relationship, and you'll begin noticing significant improvements in your intimate life

Let’s relax together

Experience physical ecstasy with your love. Five treatments you can try together to rejuvenate your body, mind and romance

Love the tantric way

Tantra is not just a buzzword, it’s a sacred approach to spiritual and physical bliss

STDs: Beware of the love bugs

If you don't follow safe sexual practices, you might end up exchanging something more than love

Hypersexuality: Label me not

Don't brand someone as hypersexual simply because they seem to want sex more often than their partners

Desire disparity

When your partner's sexual desires are not congruent with yours, you need to first start working on yourself

Intimate? Don’t intimidate

Beware! Your approach to sex may be intimidating your man