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Conjugal amiss: sexless marriage?

For many married couples, sexual satisfaction dies or diminishes with time, due to many reasons. Understanding that sexual problems don't necessarily signal the end of the relationship is essential

Allure of Voice

Discover how to use your voice to excite your partner
Sad couple

Communicate Your Sexual Needs

Communication is the life-line for sexual happiness to survive and flourish in every long-term conjugal relationship

Boost your Romantic Index

When you work to increase your desirability, you shoot up your romantic index. It shows as passion in your and your partner's eyes
Man caring woman

Caress and Express

When you touch your partner tenderly, you create an electric circle of energy and merge in intimate embrace

Stir Your Passion

Spending quality time with your loved one will bring zing and passion to your relationship
Intimacy: The power of two

Intimacy: The power of two

Getting under the sheets with your partner is not enough. You need to expand your physical bonding with intimacy

Art of Seduction

Seduction is a fine art, and women down the ages have mesmerised men with it. You'd do it too!

Make Haste… Slowly

Passion is what that turns you and your partner on at every step of the act

Aphrodisiacs: Boost your intimacy

An active sex life fulfils your need for physical intensity and also enables you to share affection and intimacy