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Homosexuality: A doctor’s perspective

A sexual medicine expert provides his medical opinion on homosexuality
Couple romancing

Express your sexual needs: Take the lead

Learn to be a peppy, not a passive sexual partner to get the most out of your relationship and feel fulfilled
Romantic couple

How to create electric intimacy between you and your partner

The kind that leaves you feeling, happy, charged, alive and ready for more

Love is the aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are a myth. Sexual desire or drive cannot be induced with the help of an outside agent; it has to come from within
Female orgasm

Female orgasm: Her big ‘O’

Female orgasms are misunderstood and underplayed in Indian society. It is important to realise the needs of female partners in sexual relationships

Intimacy is good for health

Intimacy can do wonders to your body, mind, and soul

Create the Mood

Re-designing your bedroom with the right lighting, colour and fabric could be an effective and creative option to arouse your basic instincts.


In today's world, women play different roles, giving equal importance to career and family. While juggling these roles in life, it is very important for them to plan their pregnancy
Couple with child

Is sex for procreation or recreation?

Since time immemorial, sex has been seen as an act for reproduction, thanks to religious and social priests. Sex is a natural instinct, which needs to be enjoyed, may be tough to digest but it is a fact

Ways to suggest intimacy

There are many ways to indicate to your partner that you want to make love