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Shiv Joshi is a seeker of inner treasures. He loves the printed word and has a knack to pick up languages.

What is Sexual Electricity and How is it Generated

The kind that leaves you feeling, happy, charged, alive and ready for more

Kirtan Kriya: the 12 minute miracle

Practising Kirtan Kriya for just 12 minutes can remarkably improve your memory and sense of wellbeing

Love the tantric way

Tantra is not just a buzzword, it’s a sacred approach to spiritual and physical bliss

Be. Do. Live. by Rajeev Dewan

This book is devoid of long-winding sermons that are so typical of self-help books.

The Chopra Centre Cookbook: Nourishing Body & Soul by Deepak Chopra et al.

Deepak Chopra and his co-authors at the Chopra Centre believe that food not only nourishes our body but also our souls, because they are all different forms of energy.

The stag tag

There's nothing bad about being single

Calling the bluff on life balance

The reason balance is difficult to achieve is because we have misunderstood it

Doctor destinations

Places around the world that are known for their healing properties


How a 93-year-old coped with coronary bypass

Tryst with the killer (Cancer)

Anuprita Ghaisas on how she overcame her worst nightmare—cancer