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Places around the world that are known for their healing properties

Time heals. So do places. Well, at least some of them. There are places around the world that are known, since centuries, for their curative powers. They may not be scientifically proven, yet there are those who swear by the miracles they have experienced. Let’s take a tour of such places around the globe.

Healing stones

Men-an-Tol, Cornwall, UK

Men-an-TolNear Madron in Cornwall are three granite stones standing erect—one holed round stone flanked by two straight stones. If you look at them from a particular angle, they look like the numbers 101 in stone.

British lecturer, researcher and author of The Sacred Place, Paul Devereux investigated the stones to find that the levels of radiation around the inside of the hole stone were almost double of that found outside it.

These stones are said to have healing powers. Passing through the holed stone nine times was said to cure a person of back problems, especially cricks [hence it is also known as the crick stone].

In fact, little children were passed through the stone three times for a particular kind of tuberculosis and rickets. According to folklore, if a woman wanting to get pregnant goes through the hole backwards seven times at a full moon, she conceives.

Rollright stones

Rollright stonesSpread across 100ft in Oxfordshire [England] is a circle of 77 stones that attracts tourists from all over the world. Legend has it that these stones are actually a king’s army, frozen in place. These stones too are believed to have fertility-enhancing powers.

Locals believed that if a young woman rubbed her breasts on the King’s stone, it would do wonders for her fertility. Although there is no scientific evidence for the stones’ fertility-enhancing properties, some scientists did find that some of the stones radiated strong energy, especially at dawn.

Several dowsers too have confirmed the presence of energy lines between the stones.“My own experience of time spent at the Rollrights is one of healing. Many minor ailments have cleared up after the time spent at the Circle.

Others too have commented on the healing qualities to be found there, not only of physical ailments but also of tensions and headaches disappearing, leaving a sense of tranquillity and of oneness with the world—a feeling of unity,” writes Beulah Garcin, Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers, in an article in the Journal of the British Society of Dowsers.

Silbury Hill

Silbury HillsLocated in Avebury, Wiltshire [England] is a centuries old man-made mound that has a flat top. It is one of the megalithic sites, which experts believe were built by our ancestors to tap into earth’s energies. It is the earth’s energies that promote healing at such places.

At Silbury Hill, you can actually feel the energy by touching one of the raised stones with both your hands. Dirk Gillabel, healer and an ancient civilisation enthusiast experienced a miraculous healing of his sore throat after spending just two hours at the Hill.

The Tolmen Stone

Near the bank of the North Teign river in Dartmoor, UK, is a large boulder, which has a large hole carved by the friction of river currents. The hole is big enough to allow a human adult to pass through.

People pass through the stone to heal themselves of rheumatic pain and to increase immunity levels. Like the Men-an-Tol and the Rollright stones, the Tolmen too is associated with fertility.

Healing waters


In Tlacote is a well, owned by Chahin that is now of global interest. The water of Chahin’s well is known for its healing properties. Chahin discovered this a decade ago when his injured dog healed after drinking the water.

Several researchers have conducted tests on the water. Clinician Gracela Camps Salaberry of the Montevideo General Hospital, Uruguay, tested the Tlacote miracle healing water on 3,673 patients [14  84 years old] and found that it helped in allergy, diabetes, and respiratory and skin diseases. Medicine companies are even using the water in their drugs. It is even believed to cure cancer.


In an out-of-commission slate mine at Nordenau in Germany is a pure water spring. When Guido Brandenburg, a reporter from the Bild, a German newspaper, drank the water while standing in the energy zone, he felt that his fingers started vibrating after a few minutes as if an electric current passed through him. He met people who claimed to have been cured of blindness and other disabilities.

The springs of Baden-Baden have a structure that is akin to Roman baths of the 3rd century. These have been known for more than 2,000 years, and their composition resembles that of the Roman baths.


Hot Springs National ParkThe Hot Springs National Park is located near the Ouachita mountain valley. It used to be a misty place where native Americans used to bathe and heal. The natural hot springs still attract tourists from around the world who are looking to cure their ailments with thermal waters.

Another area famous for mineral springs is Colorado. There are about 24 natural springs in the region that are famous for their medicinal properties. These mineral springs are known to cure arthritis, respiratory and skin ailments.

The Tecopa springs in California are also popular for their restorative powers. People compare them to the waters of Baden-Baden in Germany.


ManikaranNot far from Delhi, is a village called Nandana, where a deserted tubewell is oozing magical waters. Villagers reported getting cured of skin diseases after having washed themselves with the waters. Not just skin ailments, but it is said that the waters enable miraculous cures of incurable diseases like polio.

There are other places in India that are famous for its healing waters. These include: Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh, which is famous for curing muscular problems; Reshi, Yumthang and Ralang hot springs of Sikkim that are known to be abundant in sulphur, which helps cure skin diseases; andVajreshwari near Mumbai that has 21 hot water springs, which have high mineral content that help cure skin ailments.


Two places in China have waters that are known to reverse ageing. China’s northern Liaoning province is known for the ‘fountain of youth’, which an 80-year-old couple accidentally discovered in their backyard.

The couple reported drinking water from the fountain and feeling 10 years younger. The husband, Zhou Lianghua had lost a lot of his hair and was balding. He claims that he grew a thick black mane a few months after drinking the water. The couple even claimed that they can easily walk up a mountain without getting breathless, according to AFP, Hong Kong reports.

The other place is Bama, a village in China, that is known to have a sizeable population that has survived many years.


The Dead SeaLocated between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is a lake with the highest salinity. A large quantity of water evaporates from the lake, increasing its concentration of salt and minerals. The Dead Sea has high levels of magnesium, bromine, sodium, potassium and calcium [chloride salts].

The Dead Sea water is believed to cure psoriasis and external inflammatory diseases. Scott Cordray, a USA-based otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon, has used the waters of the Dead Sea to treat illnesses of the upper respiratory tract. The water is particularly beneficial in reducing congestion and swelling.

Heal with heat

Russian banyas are hot Russian baths that have been used since ancient times. They use dry steam to clean the body of toxins and heal the body and mind. In a typical banya, there is a large room that has stones that are smouldering, large buckets of water and a large ladle.

You have to strip totally when you enter the room. Once inside, you need to take water from the buckets with the ladle and pour it over the stones, which immediately results in a gush of dense, hot steam.

Instantly, you feel your pores opening and sweat rushing out, taking with it toxins.According to Russians, this process also cleanses your mind and relieves stress. Immediately after the heat treatment, you have to take a cool dip, then back to the banya. This goes on 5  6 times. After few such rounds, you have to lash yourself with oak tree branches to promote circulation.

Another procedure that is similar to banyas, is Hammam that uses heat to detoxify, and ease joint and muscle pain.

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  1. Please check out Manitou hotsprings at Manitou beach Saskatchewan. You float.It is called the Carlsbad of Canada.It has healing properties as well.


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