Do you want to write for us?

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If you are an expert on any of the areas covered in Complete Wellbeing—fitness, nutrition, exercise, yoga, self development, emotional wellbeing, relationships, personal growth and spirituality among others—and wish to write for us, drop us a mail.

Don’t forget to outline your area of expertise and mention writing experience if any. Don’t worry if you haven’t written anywhere earlier, though, as the writing experience is welcome but isn’t mandatory. What is imperative is an expert understanding of the subject on which you wish to write

FAQs for Writers

Do you accept articles by new writers?

Yes. We do accept articles by new writers from any part of the globe. However, we discourage freelance writers who don’t have any prior experience in topic areas outlined above.

How do I start writing for Complete Wellbeing?

Send an email to editorial [at] expressing your interest in writing for us. Keep the email brief, tell us the topic you wish to write on and what qualifies you to write on that topic. Attach writing samples if any.

When will I come to know if you’ve accepted me as a writer?

Give us 15 working days to get back to you regarding the status of your submission. If you don’t hear from us within that time, send us a gentle reminder, just to make sure that we have received your email.

Can I send articles I’ve written before?

Do not send us articles for publication without first checking in with us.

Do you pay for articles?

We pay only in kind by promoting your books/blog/website on our website [in the form of links] as well as on our social media channels whenever possible.

Do you accept articles written by professionals routed through PR?

We accept articles written by the author himself/herself and not by the PR representative.
We do not publish articles ‘about’ any person. But experts are welcome to write on their topic of interest. The article will be reviewed by our editorial team.

Is the article sent back to the writer for approval after editing?

Considering the number of articles we publish, it is impossible to send back each edited article to the author for approval. Rest assured, we have a competent editorial team and our authors have always been pleased with the way their articles have been edited. In case a particular article requires substantial change, then the writer is intimated.

Editorial guidelines for writers

Submissions may be tailored to specific content areas of our website [See “Submission Guidelines”].

Complete Wellbeing aims to enrich the lives of its reader through self awareness. As such, all articles in the magazine must explore or underline the interconnectedness between the various dimensions of our life

Submission Guidelines

  • We are interested in crisp, engaging pieces not exceeding 1400 words.
  • All articles must be original, accurate, and in easy-to-read editorial form. Articles that are pieced together from those written by other writers will be rejected outright. Submitting such an article can even lead to termination of your association as a writer with us.
  • The article should not have appeared anywhere before, not even on your blog. We are open to receiving book excerpts. But the same excerpt should not have been published elsewhere.
  • Submissions should also be informative; they should maintain a consistency of style or form, and unity of thought.
  • Articles should be in UK English.
  • Articles should be sent in Word format and include the title of the article and name of the writer, along with full postal address, E-mail, telephone or fax numbers and photograph. Also include your bio not exceeding 150 words. Provide us with website link and links to your social pages.
  • Writers are responsible for the accuracy of all references; quotations must be checked against the original sources by the writers.
  • It is the responsibility of a writer to secure permission to use material quoted from copyrighted publications as well as for use of photographs, illustrations, tables and figures, from other sources.
  • Get to the point directly, right from the start of the article. Ask yourself what the reader would like best in an article, and answer their interest in the best manner possible.
  • Provide a catchy and concise intro of 2-3 lines. Avoid footnotes to articles.
  • Subject photographs are welcome. Photographs should be numbered consecutively by numerals. The approximate position of photographs may be indicated in the article. Captions should also be included.
  • Photographs should be high quality, suitable for publishing.
  • Writers are expected to provide a 2-line bio stating relevant qualifications. List of publications, or books written, must not exceed a total of 4 lines. Health and fitness professionals, holistic, or alternative medical physicians, and researchers should provide a brief description of their work, or project they’ve worked, or are currently working on in brief [not exceeding 4 – 5 sentences].


  1. When you send us an article, it is assumed that the piece is original; you would, however, require to state in your covering letter and the article per se that the work you’ve submitted to us is original.
  2. No manuscript that is plagiarised, or copied, or has already been published, or is being reviewed by another magazine, or journal, will be considered.
  3. We reserve the right to edit an article to match the content profile and requirements of the website.
  4. All articles sent to us [including the ones we’ve commissioned] will be reviewed by our editorial board and checked with a fine-toothed comb for instances of plagiarism and quality.
  5. We reserve the right to reject/postpone publication of an article on the appropriateness and breach of copyright issues even after it has been initially accepted by us.