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Young pretty woman enjoying a good laugh outdoors

Dada Vaswani on coping with sadness: Laugh and let go

Using anecdotes and the wisdom of scriptures, Dada Vaswani teaches us how to cope with sadness by learning to laugh and let go
Happy couple silhouette on beach | concept for a happy married life

10 solid tips for a happy married life

A happy married life takes sincere effort and commitment on the part of both partners. Here are 10 suggestions that will help
beautiful young woman in gym with headphones | pre-workout routine concept

Pre-workout routine: 7 habits to maximize your exercise gains

A well thought out pre-workout routine is indispensable for anyone who takes exercise seriously
couple silhouette | concept for truth in relationship

Osho on relationships: Risk everything for truth

When it comes to love and relationships, being brutally truthful is much better than choosing comfortable lies
Spiritual teacher / guru concept

The role of a spiritual teacher

A true spiritual teacher strips away all that is unnecessary so that the student can see enlightenment for what it is
Picky toddler eating a strawberry

Is your toddler a picky eater? These 8 tips will help

Be in charge of what your picky eater eats but let her be in charge of how she eats it, says a pediatrician
Dada Vaswani and Manoj Khatri

Being like Dada Vaswani

The author reminisces about his divine encounter with Dada J P Vaswani one beautiful Sunday morning
People walking on the sea side

Walking basics for diabetics

Regular walking is good for diabetics. Here are a few things you must incorporate to derive the best possible benefits from your walk
Include ginger turmeric into your diet. Ayurevda lifestyle concept

The top 5 reasons to embrace the Ayurveda lifestyle

Consider blending Ayurveda into your lifestyle for its range of health benefits and the array of flavours and traditions that accompany it
Happy woman listening to one of the wellbeing apps

Wellbeing apps for enhancing your wellness journey

We have curated a list of popular wellbeing apps that will help enrich your journey towards wellbeing