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Man experiencing poverty (concept)

Poverty Effect: The Psychology of Having Too Little

Poverty can cause people to behave in seemingly irrational ways, especially to those who haven’t experienced severe deprivation
Feather escaping from open cage

The Wonderful Ways Forgiveness Can Change Your Life

Forgiveness is a profound and transformative choice that liberates individuals from the shackles of resentment and negativity
Waiter Taking Order at a Restaurant | Concept for Maintaining Diet While Traveling

How to Maintain Your Diet While Traveling

Traveling with diet restrictions? With a little of planning and preparation, you can have a carefree and enriching travel experience
Man spraying deodorant

Watch Out for These Toxic Ingredients in Your Deodorant

Smelling good isn’t worth your good health! Here's a list of potentially harmful ingredients to look out for before buying your next deodorant
Traditional Chandra Namaskar Sequence

How to Do the Traditional Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation)

Try this sequence of asanas for unwinding after a long day at work
Forgiveness concept — graffiti "Let Go"

Dada Vaswani Shares the Four Stages of Forgiveness

On the occasion of Dada J P Vaswani's 105th birthday, we present an article in which he urges you to forgive for the sake of good health, peace of mind and true happiness
Stretching after a run

Maximize Your Workouts: The Power of Stretching During and After Exercise

No matter what form of exercise appeals to you — walking, jogging, weight training, or dancing — stretching during or after the session helps
Woman writing in her diary / journaling

How to Tap Into the Healing Power of Journaling + 7 Prompts to Get You Started

Writing down one's thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic because words are powerful tools to self-discovery, healing and empowerment
woman with open arms in fields with sun in the background | letting go concept

How to Practice Letting Go in Daily Life

The act of letting go has profound benefits: physical, mental and spiritual. Here are 3 ways you can let go and embrace what life has to offer
Man's legs chained with a heavy metal ball

How Questioning Your Beliefs Sets You Free

We all have a whole catalogue of beliefs that we live by. But, unless you learn to question them, your beliefs become your bondage