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Young woman checking her face in mirror } PCOS concept

Answers to common questions about PCOS

An OB-GYN and fetal medicine expert clears the common misconceptions surrounding PCOS
Child looking at tablet | excessive screen time concept

Tips to monitor and limit your child’s screen time

There are various downsides of over exposure of kids to screens. These range from health to social implications. Let's understand some of these:
Adult daughter with her mother | Mother wounds concept

How I healed my mother wounds

A doctor recounts the wounds inflicted by the traumatic relationship she had with her mother and shares her path to recovery
Concept for not sharing ideas | Woman gesturing shhhh

Why sharing your ideas could backfire

Two reasons why you should resist the temptation of sharing your ideas with others (and no, it's not because they might steal it!)
senior woman meditation

Suffering from urinary incontinence? Try mindfulness

When used in conjunction with other treatments, mindfulness and meditation can help reduce incontinence incidents over time
Cup cake on hand | Sugar addiction concept

The surprising reason for your sugar addiction

Your sugar addiction might feel very real. In reality though, there’s little to suggest that sugar is addictive in the same way as tobacco, alcohol or drugs

Febrile seizures in children: all that you need to know

Febrile seizures in babies and toddlers can be terrifying, but usually cause no long-lasting damage. Know what to do in the moment and later
pregnancy self-test instrument saying not pregant | concept for fertility struggle

How to stay resilient during your struggle with fertility

There are so many confusing emotions one is dealing with when trying to conceive. Here is what I learned from my own struggle with fertility
tejas inner fire

Tejas: Is your inner fire fueling you or burning you out?

Tejas, or the inner fire within each of us, has the potential to help us live our lives to the fullest. Here are 7 ways to kindle your inner fire
Couple walking close - attachment style concept

How your attachment style affects your relationships

Knowledge of each partner’s attachment pattern can help a couple navigate their relationship more seamlessly