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Directional magnetic compass in money

How to attract wealth using feng shui

It is said that feng shui can help you attract wealth in your life. What does this really mean and how can we go about doing this?
Group of happy young business people in a meeting at office

There is more to good leadership that just being a great motivator

Part of good leadership is to set a clear direction, find your employees’ innate gifts and encourage them to use those gifts
Four elders sharing a happy conversation

The wise old art of story telling

Stories have a wealth of wisdom in them, especially if they are narrated by our elders. What's more, storytelling helps seniors know that their life matters
Avocado cut in half

Why you should try avocados (and how to buy them)

Many people shy away from buying avocados considering them to be unpalatable. But with its many health benefits, the humble ‘butterfruit’ is on its way to becoming a superfood
Man snoring in sleep where woman is getting irritated

Snoring: It’s more harmful than you think

Breathing is the most vital body function. But many people are getting it wrong over 20,000 times a day... awake and asleep.
Melbourne city

Warm, friendly and multifaceted: That’s Melbourne for you!

Discover what really goes into the making of the world’s most liveable city
party marked on calendar

Hosting a party? Here’s your complete guide to making it a perfect one

An etiquette expert tells you how to go about planning the perfect party, right from making the guest list through saying the goodbyes
Holding hands

How my wife helped me heal from past heartbreak

Heartbreak is known to have taken several to the brink. Here's a story of how counselling and finding strength in a marriage can turn lives around
Woman opening a refrigerator which is organised neatly

Tips and hacks to help you make the most of your refrigerator

An efficiently arranged refrigerator can help you save time, plan your grocery shopping better and is pleasing to the eye
doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

Is it time to change your doctor?

Doctors may be critically important to our lives, but that doesn't mean they can treat their patients badly; a doctor tells us how to decide when it is time to find another doctor