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Younng women offering a silent prayer

The healing power of silent prayer

Much needed advice from Dada Vaswani in these difficult times: start visualising your own wellbeing during moments of silent prayer
Man entering doors of true success

What is meant by true success

In our modern society, working hard to succeed has long been considered a virtue. Little do we realise that what we are chasing isn't true success at all
Woman sitting on a window sill with feelings of hopelessness

Coping with feelings of hopelessness

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, they say. But sometimes the lemons life throws at you are rotten. What do you do then?
Man sitting alone by the window contemplating the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic

Lockdown woes: 7 ways to take care of your mental health

A psychiatrist suggests ways to deal with mental health challenges that arise in times of social distancing

4 facts about vegan calcium sources

It's a myth one can't get enough calcium from plant-based foods. Let's find out more about vegan calcium sources
Concept of immunity from infections like coronavirus

5 healthy habits to build immunity against infections like coronavirus

A healthy immune system is your best bet against infectious diseases like coronavirus. Here is a lifestyle action plan to build your immunity
Home or Backyard gardening concept / working with soil with bare hands

8 physical and psychological health benefits of backyard gardening

The benefits of backyard gardening extend to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Let’s find out how gardening can nourish your body and soul
man in grocery aisle, sugar-free products

The truth behind ‘sugar-free’, ‘unsweetened’ and ‘no added sugar’

A nutritionist explains the difference between the labels sugar-free, unsweetened and no added sugar. And a fact-check about artificial sweeteners
Wai Lana Insights Series

Wai Lana Insights: The Heart and Soul of the Yoga Lifestyle

The Wai Lana Insights series aims to build on that with tips and inspiration for a more relaxing, happier, and healthier lifestyle
Illustration: businessman pointing finger, blaming others

The game everyone loves to play

Even though losing is a guarantee!