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Manager giving feedback to subordinate

The art of receiving feedback

Whether negative or positive, the value of feedback lies in how it is received
The building blocks of a great life | Concept image with toy blocks stacked

The building blocks for creating a great life

We instinctively know what we need in order to feel good. And yet, in our obsession with playing busy, we forget the very things that are most important to us. It’s time to pay attention to what really matters and start experiencing joy and wellbeing—not some day in the future but every single day
Cartoon portrait of Albert Einstein

How to tap into your inner genius

We struggle in life seeking to find our place in the sun, when the road to finding our genius is actually a simple one
Happy man driving | Concept for mindfulness while driving

Practicing mindfulness while driving

The daily commute is a fantastic opportunity to practice mindfulness, says the author
Mindless eating concept | Young woman eating while checking her phone

Research-backed advice to help you stop mindless eating

Here are tips to help you connect with your body so you can stop eating your food mindlessly

Stop waiting to pursue your dreams

Overcome irrational fears and hesitations, break out of your cocoon to bring out your full potential
Young pretty woman enjoying a good laugh outdoors

Dada Vaswani on coping with sadness: Laugh and let go

Using anecdotes and the wisdom of scriptures, Dada Vaswani teaches us how to cope with sadness by learning to laugh and let go
Happy couple silhouette on beach | concept for a happy married life

10 solid tips for a happy married life

A happy married life takes sincere effort and commitment on the part of both partners. Here are 10 suggestions that will help
beautiful young woman in gym with headphones | pre-workout routine concept

Pre-workout routine: 7 habits to maximize your exercise gains

A well thought out pre-workout routine is indispensable for anyone who takes exercise seriously
couple silhouette | concept for truth in relationship

Osho on relationships: Risk everything for truth

When it comes to love and relationships, being brutally truthful is much better than choosing comfortable lies