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The birth of a minimalist

What my five-year-old son taught me about living clutter-free
Woman applying face pack, tan

6 DIY face packs to lighten your skin tan

Six face packs with the goodness of natural ingredients to remove the most stubborn tan and nourish your skin
Woman floating in air, dreams

What is the meaning behind these 9 common dreams

Dreams can be like an inner therapist sending you signs on your life path. But they are not to be taken literally
Woman consoling her sad friend

The thoughtful way of responding to someone’s grief

There are helpful and unhelpful ways of reaching out to those who are going through grief

Anchoring myself in Bali

Intent on discovering the world in her inimitable way, Somali Roy packed her bags and headed to explore the enchanting island of Indonesia
A differently abled child playing a piano

What my daughter taught me about differently abled children

The author re-discovered her ability to connect with everyone without being unnecessarily self-protective and suspicious
Wooden mannequin lying on the sofa

Persistence: the key to successfully changing any habit

Breaking old habits is difficult because we’re in the grip of inertia and lack persistence
Illustration job interview candidate with long nose, lying

The lies we speak in a job interview [and what we actually mean]

Job interviews have become great opportunities to exaggerate your insignificant skills, veil the not-so-impressive truths about your previous jobs and appear as confident as a lion even though you are more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
Chia seeds

Chia seeds: Fad or superfood?

Do Chia Seeds deserve all the popularity they are receiving? Let's find out.
Man sitting in meditation at office

8 simple ways to bring yourself to the present moment

Sharpening your present-moment awareness not only improves your effectiveness at work but also makes you more joyous