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Holy Book of Truth | Concept of Scriptures

Looking for the Truth? Empty Your Mind, says Osho

To know something about truth and to know truth are two totally different things, explains Osho
Long-term patient feeling sad on a hospital bed

18 Ways to Cope With Long-Term Hospital Stay

Going through a long-term hospital stay can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience; here are 18 practical and uplifting ways to enhance your hospital experience
Smiling child suffering from pediatric cancer on hospital bed

Why Early Detection of Pediatric Cancer Is Vital

A pediatric hematologist shares six reasons why it helps to detect the signs of cancer in children as early as possible
Concept for Perinatal Depression or Postpartum Depression

Understanding, Recognizing, and Treating Perinatal Depression

Perinatal depression is quite common. Let us explore the diagnosis, self-help strategies, and available treatments for this pressing concern
Woman sitting alone looking through the window | Emotions concept

Why You Should Never Suppress Your Emotions + 6 Effective Strategies for Emotional Release

Regardless of the nature of emotions, when they get stuck, they become physiological problems for the body
Young woman playing tennis | Winning Losing concept

The Joy of Doing: Beyond Winning and Losing

In a world fixated on winning and losing, let us rethink the true meaning of success and the importance of the journey over the destination
Happy young woman with her pet dog | pets are good for your mental health

Why Owning Pets Is Great for Your Mental Health

We can turn to our pets for joy, comfort, understanding, support, and unconditional love in good times and in bad
Mental Health concept

Understanding the Role of Psychology in Mental Health

Psychology, the scientific study of the mind and behavior, offers valuable insights into mental health or how we think, feel, and behave
Man experiencing poverty (concept)

Poverty Effect: The Psychology of Having Too Little

Poverty can cause people to behave in seemingly irrational ways, especially to those who haven’t experienced severe deprivation
Feather escaping from open cage

The Wonderful Ways Forgiveness Can Change Your Life

Forgiveness is a profound and transformative choice that liberates individuals from the shackles of resentment and negativity