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Aruna Sankaranarayanan, Ph.D. is a psychologist and author. She writes articles on teaching, learning, work, relationships and well-being for leading newspapers; she blogs at arunasankaranarayanan.com. Her first book, Zero Limits: Things Every 20 Something Should Know, is published by Rupa.

Poverty Effect: The Psychology of Having Too Little

Poverty can cause people to behave in seemingly irrational ways, especially to those who haven’t experienced severe deprivation

The art of receiving feedback

Whether negative or positive, the value of feedback lies in how it is received

Redefine what success means for your children

If our goal as parents is to raise concerned and considerate human beings, let's free our children from the rat-race and redefine what true success is

How your attachment style affects your relationships

Knowledge of each partner’s attachment pattern can help a couple navigate their relationship more seamlessly
Snapshot from seeinghappy.org

SeeingHappy.org — a platform to share and spread happiness

This new platform encourages you to share pictures of the things and events that made you happy, a brain-child of Mandy Seligman

Self-awareness: Why is it important for success

Self-awareness is the "meta-skill" of our current times as it underlies many skills that are deemed essential for success in today’s world

The 7 strategies of learned hopefulness

In these times of pandemic woes, when even the future seems grim and uncertain, cultivating "learned hopefulness" can help immensely

Why Being Authentic Is the Key to Happiness

Being authentic involves living your life in accordance with your own values, beliefs, inclinations and aspirations

Looking for happiness? Try a little more kindness

"Do more acts of kindness" seems to be the prescription for happiness in a world that is in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic

How to cultivate compassion in times of adversity

There are multiple benefits to practising compassion. Here are a few ways to cultivate compassion during these adverse times