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Liggy Webb is a leading authority in the field of behavioural change and positive psychology. She is based in the UK and is the founder director of The Learning Architect an international people development organisation. As an experienced learning and development professional she works as a consultant with a wide range of organisations including the United Nations and the NHS. Liggy’s next book The Happy Handbook is a practical guide to holistic happiness.

The little book of manners for every smart phone user

Are you guilty of displaying shabby etiquette when using your cell phone?

It’s time to redefine time management

Time flows on. What you really have to ‘manage’ is yourself

The correct way of giving and receiving feedback

Feedback is a wonderful tool that if used constructively, can open doors to amazing possibilities

Your Ultimate Guide to Workplace Wellness

Don’t wait for your manager or your company to change things for you. You too have the power to turn around your work experience. Just changing a few aspects can do wonders for your energy, health and satisfaction levels not just in work but in all aspects of life…try it!