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Obesity during pregnancy concept

Obesity during pregnancy may impede fetal brain development

Mother's obesity may play a role in fetal brain development, suggests new research
children playing in the natural world

The importance of childhood connection to natural world

Children who feel a stronger connection to natural world are more likely to work towards protecting it, a new review has found
Happy woman outdoors | Becoming happy improves your health

Becoming happy improves your health

We know that happier people are healthier, but does becoming happier lead to better health? Apparently it does, says new research
Shocked eyes reliving trauma

Your eyes are the window to your past trauma

Your eyes can reveal if you have suffered a traumatic experience in the past, reveals a new study by Welsh academics
Young girl looking at her smartphone in the dark | asthma risk

Asthma risk is higher among teens who sleep late

Teenagers who like to stay up late into the night have a greater predisposition to asthma and allergies, according to new research

Almonds are finding favour in Indian homes

According to a recent survey, Indians prefer healthy meals with unhealthy snacking thrown in...

Learning new skills: Key to better cognitive skills at old age

Word puzzles may not be enough, the brain needs bigger challenges at an old age to stay in prime fitness
Kids learning

Physically fit kids are better at learning

New study explores the effect of physical fitness on 9-10 year olds
Man blowing

Now breath tests can detect lung cancer

Simple breath analysis could detect lung cancer, no CT scans, no blood tests... that's the promise of a new study.
Man shopping food

Sleep deprivation causes you to buy more food

New study explores role of lack of sleep in the night on the quantity of food bought the next morning.