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Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate for sharp thinking

Hot chocolate helps seniors maintain good thinking abilities, says new study
Pregnancy no smoking

Pregnant smokers care less about their unborn baby

New study links low foetus attachment with high smoking during pregnancy
Man woman

Gender differences in how oxytocin works

New research identifies the gender differences playing their part in how oxytocin affects our perceptions of social interactions.
Girl taking pictures

Cell phones, though portable, reduce physical activity

Smartphones promote a sedentary lifestyle though they are portable, says new study

Depressed individuals have vague goals

New study explores association between depression and abstract personal goals
cricket ball

How the cricket ball goes around

Scientists explain how a spinning cricket ball moves with mathematical model
old lady

Lose weight to improve memory

Memory improves after losing weight, finds new study
back pain

Once a week as good as twice

Lower-back pain relief by attending yoga classes was same whether classes attended once a week or twice a week
human robot

Morality creates minds

Research indicates we view a mind in a robot too, because of the moral biases that we carry
Girl with a sour face

Get infected, get moody

Infections increase chances of getting mood disorders, new research indicates.