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Man with laptop on table

Software helps in getting better at social interactions

New software from MIT can help those insecure about social interactions through practice sessions of talking to a face on the screen
Brother and sister

Keep siblings from fighting

Kids who face aggression from siblings have poorer mental health
hand wash

Proper washing of hands is rare

Only 5 percent of us are washing hands correctly
tick cross

Overconfidence undermines our ability to address mistakes

Overconfidence is not an asset but a liability that may affect our decision making, says new study from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
angry man

In a state of anger? Review your emotions

Physiological reaction to emotional situations may subdue if we assess our emotional state

Have calcium, live longer

Calcium-rich diet helps women live longer, new study discovers

Greater good

How do individuals react to dilemmas about harming someone to save many lives?
gps driving

Sleep-deprived driver? Crash, bang, boom!

Sleepless drivers who are young are more likely to meet with an accident while driving

A gel to end Diabetes hassles?

A new injectable gel with nanoparticles detects rising sugar levels in blood and automatically releases insulin
florin nicole

Reappraisal helps to lessen anxiety

Researchers have found that those who suppress their emotions tend to suffer more from anxiety than those who use an emotional regulation strategy called reappraisal