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Pharmacist with elderly customer helping her choose the best supplement brand

How to Choose the Best Supplement Brand

Using the safe and healthy supplements makes all the difference. Here are a few rules of thumb when choosing your nutritional supplement brand

Garnishing: Enhance your dish quotient

Garnishing is a great way to augment the appeal of anything on the plate

Vitamin D: Dont miss out

Get enough vitamin D to ensure that your body stays fully functional

Nutrition in a nutshell

NUTS:Never Underestimate Their Size; have some often to stay sharp and strong
plate with tablets

Supplements: The daily dose

Find out if you really need to take diet supplements every day
Pistachios in a hand

Pistachios: Undercover benefits

Enclosed in the shells of pistachios is loads of nutrition

Ghee is good

If ghee means calorie-rich, sinful indulgence to you, you are mistaken. In fact, an ingredient in ghee helps reduce body fat and increases lean muscle mass

Dates are good for health

Rich in nutrients, dates have the power to cure common health problems

The Milky Way: A whole galaxy of benefits

As commonly believed, milk is not meant only for infants and children. Here's why

Avocados: A surprise package

Avocados are packed with nutrients that are good for many health concerns. And you thought they are just meant for shampoos!