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Preethi Rahul
Preethi Rahul is a registered dietician. She is a graduate in nutrition, food service management. She has a diploma in clinical nutrition and dietitics from M.O.P. Vasihav College, University of Chennai.

Jaggery: Iron laden

Jaggery is packed with iron and has many properties that make it a must-have in your diet

10 super-foods for diabetics

Including these foods in your diet will help control your blood sugar levels and prevent complications

Cupid’s favourite foods

No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolates, strawberries, wine and vanilla. These love foods aren’t just yummy, they have wonderful health benefits too…

Triglycerides: The fatal fat

Here’s one component in your blood stream that can wreak havoc if allowed to increase

Tamarind: Tangy talents

With its ability to spike your taste buds and help you stay healthy, tamarind makes a good case for being on your 'must-have' list

Avocados: A surprise package

Avocados are packed with nutrients that are good for many health concerns. And you thought they are just meant for shampoos!

Garden cress: small seed with big benefits

Garden cress seeds are loaded with nutrition. When you learn about their health benefits, you'll want to make them an part of your diet sooner than later

Fennel: The digestive herb

Fennel is a flavourful herb with many medicinal and culinary uses