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Wayne Allen
A retired psychotherapist, and the author of 5 books, Wayne's approach to writing, life, and living comes from his love of Zen. He teaches living in the now, and taking full responsibility for "how everything goes." Wayne emphasizes wholeness, peace, and clarity of thought. His books, resources and other writings are available at phoenixcentrepress.com

Going home for the holidays does not have to be agony

How to avoid the drama and tension that surfaces when families reunite for the holidays

A crash course in authentic rebellion

The true nature of rebellion is not going against the grain blindly; it involves a thoughtful approach to sift out nonsense beliefs

Sorry! My guilt button has been disconnected

Others can't send you on a guilt trip if you don't allow them to. The responsibility lies with you

Get your relationship off the autopilot

Marriages may or may not be made in heaven but they are turned into hell right here on Earth, and frequently due to mindless communication on the part of the partners. Wayne C Allen invites you to try a whole new way of relating, which he calls Elegant, Intimate Relating. Learn to communicate with clarity and curiosity, and discover how to continue deepening your relationship over time

Wabi Sabi: The beauty in brokenness

Try letting go of the idea that life should be perfect

How to get past the 3 big reasons that stop you from meditating

Wayne Allen provides practical tips to overcome three self-created impediments to meditating

Understanding and opening up to your desires

Once you understand that desire is dynamic, it can go from being an affliction to becoming your teacher

Playing martyr to your past?

Learn what your past has to teach and then bid it adieu

Zazen: The art of just sitting

To open yourself with Zazen, all you need to do is sit

Lines of love

Some boundaries, if trespassed, may jolt the foundation of your relationship and bring it crumbling down