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A retired psychotherapist, and the author of 5 books, Wayne's approach to writing, life, and living comes from his love of Zen. He teaches living in the now, and taking full responsibility for "how everything goes." Wayne emphasizes wholeness, peace, and clarity of thought. His books, resources and other writings are available at phoenixcentrepress.com

The materialism of spirituality

If you expect rewards from your spirituality, may be you should think again

Be the partner you wish to have

The only part of your relationship that you can change is yourself

Audit your relationships

Don't accept your relationships as fate...you can choose who you want in your life

Relate like an adult

Adults don’t shout, bicker, call names and break off relationships...they find solutions

Living Zen: 9 ideas to help you ease into the Zen way of being

How to invite the Zen into your everyday life

Leave introverts alone, they don’t need fixing

The sooner people understand that introversion is not a problem to be ‘overcome’, the easier they’ll find connecting with introverts

Passive manipulation between loved ones

Here’s what to do if you are often subjected to the silent treatment by your loved one

Real tips for relating

Tips on relating for real rather than cyber-relating

Hiding behind the screen?

If you are heavy into cyber-relating, beware. Cyber-relationships are cloaked; only face-to-face relationships are real

Stop parenting, start relating

Kids don’t remain kids forever. The sooner you get this, the better your relationship will be