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Traditional Chandra Namaskar Sequence

How to Do the Traditional Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation)

Try this sequence of asanas for unwinding after a long day at work
woman with open arms breathing fresh air / freedom from asthma

How to Reverse Asthma with Comprehensive Asthma Prevention Program

Ever thought of a novel treatment plan that's more than practical to ease your asthma?
Woman drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy? It can harm your baby’s brain development

Consuming even in low to moderate amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can change the baby’s brain structure and delay brain development, a new study has found
Melanie R. Rutkowski, PhD, of UVA Cancer Center and the University of Virginia School of Medicine, studies how gut health affects breast cancer and its spread.

Poor gut health may cause breast cancer to spread

Poor gut health may play a role in spreading breast cancer to other parts of the body, says new research
child staring at a mobile device in the dark

Overexposure to screens may hasten puberty arrival

Minimise your children's exposure to light emitting devices, the study seems to suggest
Elderly women group of friends enjoying

Diabetic? These 7 habits could lower your risk of dementia

Sound sleep, social contact, an active lifestyle and healthy diet are among the lifestyle habits that could help contain the risk of dementia in diabetics
Woman sleeping on bed | Obstructive sleep apnoea concept

Obstructive sleep apnoea shoots up multiple health risks including cancer: New study

Obstructive sleep apnoea increases risk of cancer, slows down mental processing powers and pushes up risk of blood clots, finds new study
Woman awake at night — circadian rhythm disorder concept

Circadian Rhythm Disorder linked to mental health conditions

Circadian Rhythm Disorder is the common factor in the wide range of mental health conditions, new research has found
Man smoking

The more you smoke, the worse your heart health

A new study has found a direct correlation between smoking and heart health
People walking on the sea side

Walking basics for diabetics

Regular walking is good for diabetics. Here are a few things you must incorporate to derive the best possible benefits from your walk