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Young brunette woman sleeping in bed covered with a beige flowered quilt

Dreams are potent indicators; don’t take them lightly

Dreams contain signs that are often of great relevance to your life situation; find out how you can work with, remember and interpret your dreams
Man irritable while sleeping

Do you feel tired even after sleeping the whole night?

Sleep disorders may be responsible for you feeling tired all day long . An expert takes three questions from patients with sleep issues.
Man having a sound sleep

Sound sleep: one solution for many problems

A good night's rest can do wonders for your physical and emotional wellbeing
Couple in bed, man snoring and wife cannot sleep

The nuisance called snoring

Simple solutions for your snoring problem

The five golden rules of sleep: Ignore them at your own risk

In a culture that devalues sleep, we think we can accomplish more if we sleep less; nothing could be further from the truth
sad looking pregnant woman sitting on sofa

“I am pregnant, but not feeling happy about it”

Though common, depression during pregnancy is often dismissed by doctors and family members alike. But it is important to address pregnancy-related emotional turmoil, for the sake of both the mother and the child

What you definitely need to know to combat breast cancer

The biggest problem in the battle against breast cancer is that it goes undiagnosed. If detected early, it is curable, says Namita Pandey
A fat man trying to loosen belt

Are you suffering from syndrome X?

Metabolic syndrome is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet choices. But the good news is that it can be reversed
Tired business with lower back pain and sciatica

Are you suffering from sciatica? Try Yoga

Here are asanas that will help you find relief from the lower back and leg pain due to sciatica

The Huna approach to health

Disease is not just a physiological problem but stems from a discord between the mental, emotional and physical selves