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Dr Richard Firshein, DO, is Medical Director of the Firshein Center for Comprehensive Medicine in New York City. A leading authority in the field of preventive medicine and medical nutrition, and Board Certified in Family Medicine and authorised medical acupuncturist, Firshein’s groundbreaking books include: Reversing Asthma, The Nutraceutical Revolution, and Dr Richard Firshein’s ‘Breath of Life’ Program: 7 Steps Towards an Asthma Free Child.

How to Reverse Asthma with Comprehensive Asthma Prevention Program

Ever thought of a novel treatment plan that's more than practical to ease your asthma?

Why Consuming Probiotics Is a Smart Health Hack

The popular perception is: bacteria are bad, because they trigger a host of ailments and illnesses. Welcome to the world of "good" bacteria!

Healing Power of Sleep

Sleep is often forgotten, ignored, and expended. It is occasionally longed for, but rarely studied

Prevent Eye Disease

It ain't difficult to lower your risk of eye disease and prevent them from occurring, with correct nutrition

Fatigue factor: Are You Tired?

From the moment we are born, and all through our lives, we experience stress and fatigue in one form or another - and, in varying degrees of intensity

Mood is Where the Illness is

Research shows that depression and resistance to disease are strongly linked. This is particularly significant when battling an illness like cancer.

How Safe Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Some women benefit from hormone replacement therapy, but most women would be better off using natural alternatives