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Aparna Pradhan
Writing for me is a journey of the soul which never ends. Writing has been a passion for me since my childhood. It is a great outlet for creative expression and gives me enormous pleasure and a sense of satisfaction when I share my passion with others, enriching their lives. I am now pursuing my passion for painting professionally and exhibiting my works in various exhibitions. Some of my works adorn the walls of Raj Bhavan, Goa and private collections. I write on varied subjects – my favourite being health and nutrition

Herbal tea: Drink to your wellbeing

A hot cup of herbal tea is a boon during periods of stress, anxiety and sickness

Garnishing: Enhance your dish quotient

Garnishing is a great way to augment the appeal of anything on the plate


Try the litchi for its juicy deliciousness and for its many health benefits

Gourd, bitter, best

Gourds are simply too cool to exclude from your diet

Broccoli: Simply the best

Make broccoli an inherent part of your meal; it's a star among vegetables due its impressive health benefits

Sweet Corn: kernels full of health

The kernels of corn are friendly little things, they get along well with any cuisine and gift your body an amazing variety of nutrients

Health in colour

These lovely looking bell peppers are actually fruits that ring in a variety of nutrients

How to use sage leaves for good health (+a safety alert)

Sage leaves have anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and astringent properties

Cinnamon: The nice Spice

Cinnamon is good for your taste buds, but it's even better for your health. Here's why

Wheatgrass: Grazing for health

Wheatgrass is nature's powerhouse of nutrition. Let's graze on it to reap its benefits