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Malavika Athavale
Malavika Athavale is a post graduate in Dietetics from SNDT University and runs her nutrition clinic in Mumbai. She also conducts educational workshops and consults leading corporate houses.

Fruit myths: Basket of wrong beliefs

Don't spoil your chances of getting wholesome nutrition by harbouring rotten beliefs about fruits

Beetroot: Red alert

Bite into the beetroot if you are looking for a high-nutrition, low-fat food to include in your diet

Mango: Welcome the king

A royal nutrient profile, scores of health benefits and an out-of-the-world taste—no wonder mango is called the King of Fruits

Tangy’ble kokum

Kokum lends a natural tangy taste to food, is a good preservative, and has a host of healing properties

5 super foods for women

Here are five foods loaded with nutrients that will keep women healthy and happy

The essential elements

Why amino acids are critical for our existence

The Milky Way: A whole galaxy of benefits

As commonly believed, milk is not meant only for infants and children. Here's why

All the goodness in a nutshell

A coconut is the only nut whose each and every part offers some health benefit or the other. It is one of nature's best gifts to us

Vitamin B Complex

Water soluble vitamins, though very vital, are easily excreted through urine. Eating healthy food and supplementation is the best way to meet our daily requirements

A D E K: The vital vitamins

Vitamins are the way to health. Let's take a look at the fat soluble ones that play a key role in our daily functions


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