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Man experiencing poverty (concept)

Poverty Effect: The Psychology of Having Too Little

Poverty can cause people to behave in seemingly irrational ways, especially to those who haven’t experienced severe deprivation
attract money to you, magnet

Try this amazing method to attract money into your life

When you feel good about money, it starts coming to you in amazing ways
Illustration of a man falling from the coins kept one above the other / how to ruin your financial life

20 Financial Pitfalls to Avoid

20 disastrous money habits. Follow even one of these, and you might as well flush your money down the drains
Man showing empty wallet, money mistake

7 common money mistakes that Indians make

Often, your community influences your approach to money and personal finance; but such influences are not necessarily in your interest
Woman holding money in one hand and hour glass in the other.

Financial planning tips every Indian woman should know

Financial planning for women for their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond
Man with head down thinking about finances

Everyone has money shame; this is how you get over it

Almost everyone has negative emotions associated with money. But there are ways to heal your relationship with money so that you can enjoy a meaningful equation with it
Man wearing suit holding a chart

What you can learn about investing from captain cool MS Dhoni

While cricket and investing are poles apart, the ordinary investor would do well to emulate some of the Indian captain’s sterling behavioural qualities

Why not making a will is a BIG mistake

Wills and nominations are perhaps the most neglected aspects of financial planning but their urgent importance cannot be overemphasised

Personal finance: start early, plan yearly

Plan your investments from April to April to sit easy as others scurry around at the financial yearend meeting their tax tallies

9 Ideas to Help You Change Your Relationship With Money

Kate Levinson explores the complex and often confusing relationship between our emotions and our finances