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concept of saving money

Mindful money practises

In our effort to impress everyone else, we create trouble for ourselves when we shell out for things with money we don’t have

Financial fallacies we follow

To earn more you need to work harder or be a financial wizard, right? Wrong! Manoj Arora busts some common misconceptions about wealth creation

Investment: The art of the matter

Investing in art can turn up lucrative returns, if done right

Mad Money Journey: A Financial Adventure By Mehrab Irani

Mehrab Irani promises you financial nirvana, but only if you follow his ‘10 commandments of financial freedom’, which he introduced using in this fictional account of two friends.

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Your personal finances need to be in order to make the transition smooth for you and your family

It takes two to tango: Financial advice for couples

Shared values, co-operation, careful planning and meticulous execution are some of the elements that can help married couples achieve financial success

It’s your money. Choose whom you get financial advice from

Learn to rely on advisors who care about your money, not just their own

9 things you must spend on

For some things in life, you must never regret loosening your purse strings

Travel insurance: Tension-free holidays

With the right travel insurance, you can have a tension-free holiday

August 2013 issue: An enigma called money

Whether you have lots of it or none at all, money is a mystery that everyone wants to solve—but very few have managed to get around.