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Sathya Saran
Sathya Saran is a renowned journalist. She is best known for her role as Editor of Femina and DNA Me. She is also an author, a columnist and an adjunct professor at NIFT, Mumbai.

Spring water that heals

Sathya Saran checks out some of the healing waters in the Hesse region of Germany and in Switzerland

A Michelin chef’s fine art of using pepper

In the seaside town of Trouville-sur-Mer in Normany, France, a Michelin chef uses pepper in innovative ways to create healthy food magic. Sathya Saran chatted with him

Here’s how I sidestepped imminent burnout at work

Avoiding burnout requires you to do little things on a regular basis before the stress gets at you

Florence: the ideal destination for an art or history lover

The author shares her experience of visiting Florence, the city of infinite beauty and history, where she discovered a new story in every place she visited

A trip to Srinagar that was nothing as I had imagined it to be

The author reflects on the dark side of development as she explores the beautiful city of Srinagar

Romancing in Hong Kong

With its skyscrapers and glass facades, we perceive Hong Kong as a business destination. But, hidden in its nooks and corners Sathya Saran has discovered the romantic side of this wonderful city

Retreating to joy

Ananda Village is a quiet magnet towards which people of all faiths gravitate, says Sathya Saran who was touched by the commitment to simplicity and service that she witnessed in the folks there. Here’s an account of her visit to this serene community based at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range

Dealing with colleagues who can send your stress levels soaring

There are ways to deal with those annoying colleagues who add to your work stress

Baby Makers The Story of Indian Surrogacy By Gita Arvamudan

Surrogacy brings light and joy into homes that have craved for the sound of a baby’s voice, but it also has an ugly face. Gita Arvamudan’s book reveals both faces.

France in Frames

Sathya Saran, Rakhi Agarwal and Supriya Kantak [the photographer of this trio], present you postcards of their reminiscent moments in Burgundy and Provence