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How to choose your financial adviser

Be very careful when choosing a financial adviser. After all, it's your money in someone else's hands

Detox your finances

Follow this 5-step detox programme to purge the toxins that are adversely affecting your financial health

How about getting wealthy?

If you aren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth or don't play lottery, the only way for you to get wealthy is through smart investments

Inflation factor

The rising prices are not just affecting your current expenses, they are also eroding your investments

Buy your insurance with care

Adequate insurance is important as it is the foundation of a solid financial plan

The good and bad of credit cards

Credit cards can give you lots of discounts, reward points and relief from of carrying around cash, unless of course, you don't use them well

Guide to investing in stocks

When investing in the stock market, don't follow the herd. Here are a few more useful insights...

Before you borrow

Follow these tips when borrowing money so that your loan does not become a load.

The tax payer’s Bible

Keep this list of the smartest tax saving instruments by your bedside and ward off your tax worry demons

Good money habits that augment your savings

Get into the habit of being good to your money, your money will return the favour