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7 evils of investing

How to conquer your worse impulses and save your financial future
Man sitting and dreaming of traveling

Holiday makers

Use these money-saving ideas so that you're financially prepared to take that much-deserved break
Portrait of man carrying sack of money which has a hole

Lessons in financial plumbing

Spot and plug the little leaks that are draining you of your wealth

The right mix

Your investments are lopsided if they consider just your age and not your goals

Spend less, experience more

Try these 10 tricks to trim your expenses

Seeing yourself in an older avatar

Stanford students who interacted with their own virtual-reality avatar aged 70 or 80 allocated twice as much money towards their retirement funding as students who saw an avatar of their current age.

Moneywise, be wise

To be financially sound, steer clear of these money myths

Who says money is evil?

At least not Priya Kumar. But she tries to understand what has brought money a bad name

Health begets savings

Buying health insurance when you are still healthy saves you a lot of money and frustration

Tax saviours

Handy tax saving options you can use if you haven't yet planned your investments