It’s Money, Honey!

When you understand money, you will understand life

MoneyI was in Russia during a book-signing event. A lady walked up to me, and told me bluntly: “You are speaking, and writing about evil.” I was flummoxed. I mumbled: “Could you please repeat what you said?” “You are speaking and writing about evil.” “No, ma’am, you are mistaken. I am just speaking about money.” She responded: “Yes, this is what I mean: money is evil; extremely evil.”

I looked at her in the eye, and told her, “Money is evil?” “Please give me your evil, money. I will gladly accept your evil. Not only this. I will only be too willing to liberate you from this evil.”

Money ain’t bad

This is a commonplace phenomenon, almost Universal in its sweep. It is not uncommon in our country too to witness a host of aphorisms cast against money. “Money is like dirt,” “Money ruins life,” “Money comes and goes; so, why bother?” The list is long.

The point is: like it or not, money is going to be a big part of your life. So, why not have a healthy relationship with it?

One of the most blatant lies you’ve ever heard, or spoken, is, “Money is not important in my life.” The truth is: money is an integral part of your being as the air you breathe. It is as vital to your wellbeing as mother’s milk to the newly-born baby. It is also like blood circulation – inadequate flow of money in your life will result in a sickly existence. Nobody loves you without money – not even your mother; forget about yourself.

Money fulfils

Abundance and prosperity apply to money; they also go beyond money. On the material plane, money leads to fulfilment of your wants, needs, and desires. It is having enough and more than enough money that will allow you to possess ample reserves in terms of savings and asset creation – it allows you to enjoy what you have created.

From the spiritual perspective, money enables us to propel a deep connectivity of oneself with the Universe. It also conforms to living in the present-moment, and being totally conscious of every moment. It instils in us a feeling of security and contentment – having peace of mind and happiness, unbounded, infinite, and unlimited. Finally, it corresponds to leading a meaningful life – in harmony with existence itself.

Just pull a currency note out of your wallet, and take a good look. Caress it with love, care, and awareness. You are now witness to the story of your own life. Why? Because, every currency note, or coin, tells a fascinating story about you.

Just think of it, again – from relationships to health – our life is deeply entwined with money.

This ain’t all. Money holds a very special mirror – a mirror that reflects the reality and truth of our lives, exactly as it is, not what isn’t.

So, isn’t it time you [re]discovered your “lost” inner child and developed a playful attitude towards money, right away?!

Suresh Padmanabhan
Suresh Padmanabhan, author of the best-selling book, I Love Money - now translated into 10 Indian and international languages - is creator and coach for Money Workshop, a programme aimed to develop one’s consciousness in areas of wealth creation, prosperity, and spirituality


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