Enrich your wallet… and soul

Wealth is not an overnight magic trick; a lot of hard work is needed. But, you can start achieving financial success in a matter of months with a boost in your spirituality attributes,positive thinking and affirmative actions. The best thing to do is to try and improve your wealth and spiritual quotient at every step of the way

Enrich your Wallet and SoulFirst, allow yourself to dream of a number that will make you feel financially secure, or wealthy, by your own standard. Make sure that goal is no ordinary goal. Reach for the stars. Then,turn your dreams into reality with your intentions. If your intentions are to obtain several million, billion, or a few hundreds, make a plan of action.Consider the fact that your authentic intentions are communicating to the world around you what you really want.

Tell the world your goals

A great way to affirm your journey towards financial wealth is the action after the intention on each goal. Here are a few examples: draw yourself on a piece of paper along with your goals on the opposite side of the paper – then, create a bridge connecting you to your financial goal and hang it up on your wall as a reminder.

Also, create affirmations and say aloud, 10 times a day, in the mirror – “I am creating financial wealth easily and effortlessly.” Writing or speaking your financial goals creates action by informing the world of what you want in life. It is as simple as saying it out aloud. Many benefits of wealth come from the positive energy you place into your world. Placing positive energy into your financial goals, affirmations,and actions increases the ability to achieve your goals of wealth.

Get in line

Begin your path to wealth by seeking alignment on all of your levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Some useful tools are: practicing spirituality, seeking supportive friends and family, positive lifestyles, exercise, eating right, communication,community, mentors, self-help books, and the practice of giving back. These are some of the many ways we can achieve alignment to our inner peace. Also, note that our spiritual level, combined with inner peace, will assist the rest of our other levels a lot better.

Practice saying “Thank You”

Get into the habit of being thankful for every small blessing because, in return, the world blesses you. Practicing this concept is a little tricky at first, because it might seem unfamiliar or even silly to say “thank you” all the time. But, once you get the hang of it, you will start to see how your financial goals begin to form. For the next month, begin to say, “thank you,” for every good deed or action each day. If you snag a seat on a crowded bus, say “thank you.” If the sun is brightly shining which, in return, makes you smile, say, “thank you.” If you find extra money that you forgot in your trousers during laundry day, say,”thank you.” Remembering to say, “thank you,” can help your spirituality increase as well as adjust how you value your future wealth.

Seek a wealthy mentor

Think about the characteristics of a multi-millionaire that you know – from television, magazines, or personally. Get to know them. What do they do for a living? What are the traits you admire about them? What is their level of spirituality? Write down these traits and see how they add up. Begin reading the same publications they read. Involve yourself in an upgraded lifestyle. Find a local organisation or charity where you can communicate with them. Surprise yourself. Just think how flattered you would be if someone came to you for guidance. But, make sure this person is a giving and kind-hearted person. Being consistent with your levels will help you to stay aligned with supportive and positive people at all times.

Grab a book

If you can’t seem to find a wealthy mentor, the next step is to grab a few books to assist you on your financial journey. You can use your own judgment of which authors will work best for you, but here are some helpful suggestions that I found useful as well as interesting.

Feng Shui and Money by Eric Efferts offers nine steps to a fun and interactive process to gaining wealth that incorporates Feng shui – the ancient Chinese spiritual act of uncluttering your living space to uncluttered lifestyle – with your financial goals, without tampering any religious belief. Efferts believes that Divine Power or spirituality comes from within and once we clear our internal distractions with a little interior-design, we will change our external financial status.

Next on the list is, Who’s Afraidto Be a Millionaire: Mastering Financial and Emotional Success by Kelvin EBoston. The book reveals the impoverished thinker in many of us and combines a bit of psychology with basic “to-dos” and strategies to master financial success. Lastly, try reading 7 Steps on Success to Spirituality & Financial Freedom by Dr Sabharwal. Sabharwal teaches people in his easy guidebook about why spirituality creates a life of financial wealth. Purchase them online for a cheaper price as well – this is just a little savings tip on your path of wealth!

Enterprising mind-set

Face facts. At some point, you must begin earning an alternative income through some sort of accumulating outlet. Begin thinking of creative ways to earn alternative income. Research hobbies that you love to do, which you can get paid for – writing, consulting,freelance, multiple vending machines, own a small business, fixing cars and “flip them” – sell the car at a higher price, sell laminated wood [I actually knew a man that made a great income selling his wood on the World Wide Web] – you can create wealth simply by doing what you love and setting a price for your value.

One of the most profitable, but trickiest revenue streams is real estate. Begin real estate investing, take courses on real estate and learn to renovate foreclosure properties to sell at a higher price. But, don’t forget to find a trustworthy partner to help you along the way for resources, marketing, or financial assistance. Above all else, have fun. We often feel the need to keep fun and work as two separate entities. But, we can benefit financially by combining fun and work.

Learn from failure

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm,” said Sir Winston Churchill, the great British politician and war-time leader. Learn from your mistakes. It’s the only way you can succeed. Some of us are afraid to try new things, because we are afraid of messing up. Try a new concept while increasing your wealth; play around in mutual funds, real estate, or enterprise. Also, see if your mentor can refer new ventures to you, or invite you to become their “wealth intern.” Learn as much as you can from them. Give it a try. Mess up and move on. And, when you find yourself feeling defeated, know that you are already halfway through the battle!

Nelressa Monique
Nelressa Monique is a writer-copywriter-PR consultant. Her articles are published monthly through several news publications and online E-zines. She currently resides in Chelsea-NY, US.


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