Try this amazing method to attract money into your life

When you feel good about money, it starts coming to you in amazing ways

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The way you live your life is based on a series of habits and established patterns. By replacing old habits with new ones, you can change your life for the better.

Re-address your spending

Catherine, a 30-year-old professional woman who is one of my clients,told me she couldn’t afford to buy a property. We discussed how much she spent on clothes, alcohol, going out, impulse purchases, magazines, unused hair and make-up products, and came to the conclusion that it amounted to a lot of wasted money. I then worked with her to change the negative spending habits in her mind. Within a couple of months of making changes to her spending, Catherine had paid off some of her credit card debts. Within a year, she had saved enough for a deposit and, by being realistic about the areas she could afford to buy in, was able to buy a property.

My advice

By looking at the financial facts, you can see where you are going wrong. Different choices and decisions will make your dreams come true.

Money can come from unexpected sources

A client called Trisha told me that she had to move to another part of the country temporarily, for six months, and didn’t need her furniture at the new place. She was stressed because she didn’t have the money to put her furniture into storage until she returned to the area and she couldn’t leave it in the flat, which she was only renting. After working to release the negative stress, I told her to imagine the move had all worked out amazingly well and that it was financially amazing too. She was skeptical, but said she would give it a go. Two weeks later, Trisha came back for another session and told me the most amazing story. A man who was a potential new tenant came to view the flat she was moving out of. As he was leaving, he popped his head back around the door and said, ‘You wouldn’t be interested in letting me rent your furniture for six months if I take the flat, would you?’ So, on the day Trisha moved out, she packed her food, clothes and toiletries into her car and drove away. In exchange for being able to leave all her furniture and general household belongings in the flat, she was being paid £400 a month. Instead of having to pay storage fees, she had an income.

My advice

Work to release the negative beliefs by following the techniques in this book and then presume things will work out amazingly well. If you do have to store your belongings have a good clear out so you don’t pay to store things you don’t need.

Amazing things can happen

A client called Nigel told me he couldn’t continue struggling to pay all the costs of having children and general living expenses and that, as he only had enough money to pay the interest on his mortgage, the amount he owed was never going to reduce. After working in the session to release his negative fears, I told him, “Things can happen. Things change. Think amazing.” Less than a week later, Nigel’s father-in -law decided to give his daughter and her husband £100,000 to reduce their mortgage. Nigel was amazed at how the amazing had worked!

My advice

You may not have a rich relative, but you don’t need to know what the amazing, unexpected things will be. Just know that they will be amazing. Be open to paying off your mortgage early. Say to yourself, ‘We’ve paid off the mortgage in an amazing way.

Even a bad situation can turn into the best thing

A self-employed client lost his best customer, which meant that his income stopped almost overnight. I helped him to believe that it was amazing for him. A few days after his appointment with me, he woke up with the idea of pushing into other markets. The old client had made him so busy he had overlooked more lucrative areas of work. He kept the amazing feeling going, which led him to find new and better clients.

My advice

By releasing the negative beliefs and keeping in the amazing zone, you can make even better things happen.

Get the job you want with the salary you want

Sarah, a freelance journalist, was offered a dream job working for a magazine. But she didn’t want to accept it because it involved a significant reduction in her salary. I did some hypnotherapy sessions with her. I explained to her, “It isn’t your dream job unless you have the salary you want. You’ll make amazing things happen when you let go of old, limiting habits in your subconscious mind. After the session, Sarah’s new confidence and positive self-belief enabled her to tell her prospective employer that she would only accept the job if the salary was the figure she wanted. The company agreed to pay her what she asked for. So she got her dream job and dream salary, and over the next couple of months she used the money that was still owed to her to clear her credit cards, putting her totally on top of her finances. The amazing thing about this story is that the magazine that gave Sarah her dream job and salary was the same one that had originally commissioned her as a freelance journalist to write an article about how my hypnotherapy services could make one wealthier!

My advice

Think through how amazing you are and why you deserve a better salary. Then have the confidence to ask for Think amazing outcome. Say, ‘I can do it. I am doing it. It is done. I have an amazing job and amazing salary.” If you don’t get that job, your new positivity will already be creating an opportunity for something better to come our way.

Increase your sales

Mark was a salesman who had had a run of a few months with low sales. He began to feel bad about selling and found that he couldn’t tell prospective customers about all the products because it sounded as though he was trying to get lots of money from them. So, to avoid the anxiety he felt when he told them about all the items in the range, he limited himself to mentioning just a few. After I worked to release the recent negative program that had built up in his mind, he felt relief. A few weeks later, he called to say that he had been responsible for the biggest sale the company had ever had!

My advice

If you are having a bad run of sales, be aware that it is just a habit that has developed in your subconscious mind and that can be easily rectified. Think of selling as informing the client of all the options. They will ultimately do what is right for them and knowing all the options available will be helpful to them. Hypnotherapy sessions and recordings are perfect for keeping in the positive sales zone. In fact, every sales person I have ever worked with as a hypnotherapist has gone on to increase their sales figures. Try hypnotherapy to increase your wealth Sam bought my hypnotherapy recording Money – Increase your Wealth, which she listened to in order to help her change bad money beliefs and get out of a financial rut. After listening to it over a period of two months, she doubled her annual income from £18,000 to £36,000 because she had the confidence to apply for a much better paid job and – to her surprise – she got it.

My advice

Be open to hypnotherapy.

Be your own boss

Steve, an experienced builder and senior executive in a building firm, had the idea of starting up a new building business but, due to the recession, he thought it might be too risky. After some appointments with me, he decided to leave his old job. Then, by using the amazing zone feeling, he self-talked himself into success and used other techniques described in this book to keep himself positive. He did some freelance work to help pay his bills before his own building projects were up and running. ‘I had the self-belief to go after my dream despite the recession; he told me. ‘Because I had a new inner confidence, I packed in my job and have begun to create my own destiny:With hard work and believing in the amazing, his turnover in the first year was one million pounds! By the third year, he was turning over five million pounds.

My advice

Remember, Steve was starting a business with skills he had built up over many years, which is very different from starting a new business that you know nothing about. So, while you build a new business and new skills, be aware that you may need to keep doing your old job to support yourself until you start earning money. Being self-employed is hard work, so be prepared to put in the hours to set things up. Treat every customer with respect, as they could lead you to more customers. Keep expenses down, and be careful – it could be a while before you build up a good reputation and create a good income. Sometimes in life, you just have to go for things because they feel right. Your determination and good feelings will make you successful. Focus determines your reality. Believe amazing things will happen, but be grounded too.

Adapted with permission from the book Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING by Ailsa Frank published by Jaico Books

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