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Looking for instant transformation? Try faking it!

If advances in quantum physics are any indication, we can transform ourselves into whatever version of ourselves we dream of
Hands and feet, manicure pedicure

Want youthful hands and feet? Follow these 8 tips

A skin specialist offers tips to care for your hands and feet
kid's birthday party

My grandson’s pink birthday party

How a seven-year-old boy taught his grandmother the most important lesson of love
Woman breastfeeding her child

Busting the myths about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is nature’s way of welcoming the newborn and comforting the new mother. But there are many myths that surround breastfeeding
tug of war mirror, ego

How your ego may be ruining your health and happiness

An octogenarian tells you why your ego is at the root of most of your problems

24 surprising myths about sleep that could be keeping your awake

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be surprised at the number of misconceptions you held about sleep
Woman pointing towards us

It’s time you owned your feminine power

Women have been taught that acquiring “power” is unbecoming of a lady, but acquiring true power unleashes your innate femininity

Things people say when you tell them you are a blogger

A blogger’s humorous take on the common reactions she garners when she says she is a proud blogger
Paper and pencil

Entitlement: When right is wrong

Entitlement is nothing but the ego's false (and futile) sense of superiority
Man sitting in meditation

How to kick start your meditation practice

You don’t need to change a thing in order to start your meditation practice