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Alpha couples fighting

Making it work when both partners are type A personalities

When both partners in a marriage are alpha personalities, you need to give your relationship extra care if you want it to last
man turned out his pockets / rich poor concept

Rich man, poor man

Do you have the one wealth that really matters?
Bach flower bottles

Try Bach flower remedies to manage problems of old age

You can brave the issues that come with advanced years using bach flower remedies
woman confused with what to wear / how to declutter

7 mistakes to avoid when you begin to declutter

Decluttering is not the same as organizing your wardrobe. Learn how to declutter like a pro
Amla Indian Gooseberry / super foods

Here are wonderful Indian alternatives for these 13 imported “super foods”

Eating local is always the right way to eat. If you are living in India, here's how you can swap expensive imported super foods with these local inexpensive ones
Stressed man at work / mindfulness concept

5 steps to help you be more mindful at your workplace

Being mindful is the key that could halt your descent into the downward spiral of stress and anxiety when things go wrong at work

7 exercise habits that will boost your energy

Find activities you enjoy and that fit in with your lifestyle
young woman binge eating potato chips

Help!! I just had a week of binge eating

We all give in to temptations from time to time and binge eat. Here are some tips to reduce the after-effects of your indulgence.
Little girl hands shadow / fear concept

Let’s deal with fear

Fear is able to grip you only because you haven't seen it for what it is
Healthy millets spread on a table

What makes millets a super food for diabetics

Millets are not just bird seed, but the secret to enjoying your grains while staying gluten free, keeping your blood sugar low and accelerating weight loss


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