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Dr BJ Davis inspires you to overcome your self-doubtvideo

A former felon tells you how to overcome self-doubt

Dr B J Davis, a former felon, shares his powerful story of a miraculous transformation in which he overcame self-doubt and went on to obtain a doctorate in clinical psychology

If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

Board therapist Sean Stephenson shares three life-changing lessons with inmates of Ironwood State Prison, California

This inspiring video will change the way you think about rape

"It's about time that we stop treating sexual violence as a women's issue," says Thordis Elva who was raped by her boyfriend when she was only 16

Modern medicine kept my body alive; family and friends kept my spirit alive

How a young woman fought a life-and-death health condition, thanks to the love and support of her family and friends

Hospice nurse shares 30 years of experience with the dying

A hospice nurse shares moving stories from her years of being by the bedside of sick and dying patients. There's lots to learn for all of us.
Author Lauren Singer at Zero waste lifestyle

Here’s how you live a trash-free life

In a world consumed with consumption, a New York girl decided to stop generating trash and believes that it was the best decision of her life
Woman throwing playing cards / gambling

How I recovered from my stubborn addiction to gambling

How this woman with a 'normal' life became a gambling addict and her journey to total recovery
artist painting a portrait of woman / art

Meet an artist who creates his art only when fast asleep

Imagine getting out of bed each night to draw and paint while still fast asleep. That’s exactly what Lee Hadwin has been doing since he was a little boy

“Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results” — Robin Sharma

He’s been changing the lives of people across the world with his powerful books. In an insightful interview to Complete Wellbeing, Robin Sharma shares his transformational ideas on life, leadership and living purposefully

Meet Mr Brilliance: Innovation the Einstein Way by Virender Kapoor

Virender Kapoor makes the great theoretical physicist Albert Einstein come alive in his new book.