This inspiring video will change the way you think about rape

"It's about time that we stop treating sexual violence as a women's issue," says Thordis Elva who was raped by her boyfriend when she was only 16

In 1996, 16-year-old Thordis Elva fell in love with an Australian exchange student, 18-year-old Tom Stranger. They had a typical teenage romance holding hands and walking around the town. They were dating for about a month when they had the opportunity to go to the Christmas ball together. In her excitement, Thordis decided to try drinking rum for the first time that night. The rum didn’t agree with her and she fell sick, “drifting in and out of consciousness in between spasms of convulsive vomiting”. Tom brought her back to the safety of her home and she was grateful for his protectiveness. But little did she know that her gratitude will soon turn into horror. After he laid her on the bed, Tom proceeded to rape Thordis.

Soon after that dreadful night, Tom completed his exchange programme and went back to Australia, leaving behind a physically and emotionally bruised girl who spent the next several years trying to cope with the effects of that chilling night, suffering in silence.

Nine years later, Thordis decided to put an end to her ordeal once and for all. Watch this TED video to find out how she did it.

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