How I healed my tumour

Anna Parkinson tells us how, with the help of the Body Mirror System of Healing, she was able to heal the tumour in her brain without surgery or pharmaceutical intervention


In 2002 journalist and broadcaster Anna Parkinson was diagnosed with a brain tumour in her right cavernous sinus, next to the pituitary gland. The tumour proved inoperable and proposed diagnoses included chondrosarcoma, meningioma and chordoma. This article shares how the writer learned from an American healer, Martin Brofman, to see her illness as the language of her consciousness. She explains how she used only meditation, visualisation and healing to clear her symptoms and dissolve the tumour.

Scientific research can come up with few certainties as far as the human body is concerned. Your body is an organism of such subtlety that research seems to make causes and effects less obvious rather than more so. Recently published research by John Hopkins University showed that only a third of cancers are caused by lifestyle or inherited factors. Their controversial conclusion is that two thirds of cancers seem to be random.

So where does that leave us? While medical definitions of imbalances in both the mind and body proliferate, and pharmaceutical products to correct those imbalances are constantly being researched and produced, the body you possess is constantly defying those certainties. While I accept gratefully the modern advances in surgery and pharmacy for use in emergency, I would like to point out that you already possess the most sophisticated tool known for correcting any ailment you suffer from. That tool is your mind.

I am a professional healer as well as the author of ‘Change Your Mind Heal Your Body.’ This book is the story of how I came to this understanding: that your consciousness has more power over your physical reality than anything else. You can use this consciousness to change not only your own physical reality, but that of others also. Helping to bring about this change in others is the nature of a healer’s work.

The shock and the shift

I have not always thought like this. For most of my life I shared the conventional educated outlook of a British journalist. I was a producer for the BBC, able to satisfy my curiosity and concern for society by investigating its problems for current affairs documentaries. This was all fine until I had a major problem of my own.

In my mid-forties, I began suffering from severe headaches and double vision. One morning, I found myself lying on a stretcher, rigid with pain, as the ambulance I was in screamed past my daughters’ school on the way to the hospital. Over the next few years, headaches that completely disabled me recurred without warning. After each episode, I managed to recover and, quite literally, put them out of my mind. I went back to life as it had been before and ignored these signals, despite the fact that I was also experiencing double vision which I and my doctors regarded as a separate issue. So it was a profound shock when I was called to what I thought was a routine appointment at the hospital and told that I had a brain tumour, and it would have to ‘come out.’

The story of this tumour and the discoveries it ushered into my life, as well as the means and tools through which it ultimately disappeared, is the story that I tell in my book. I chose to write the story, not because I believed my illness and recovery to be unique; quite the contrary. I know many people who have used these tools to overcome illnesses considered ‘fatal’. However, I wanted to explain healing and help people understand that it is frequently a ‘process’. In my case it was a journey of eight years.

The technique that changed my life

So what were these tools I used? I was saved from serious surgery by the experts’ confusion. My consultant told me the tumour was growing with one branch of my carotid artery wrapped around it, so he couldn’t operate or even biopsy it. I remained in a state of confusion, with the tumour and the symptoms growing, for about 18 months. This, as I look back on it now, was my first piece of luck. The doctors’ inability to act without causing me greater harm gave me time to learn to perceive and deal with the power of my own emotions. In the depths of misery and despair, I discovered a process that I call ‘old wounds meditation’, which allowed me to strip back down to childhood feelings and release them. I was astonished to discover how ‘fresh’ these feeling were when I explored the memories that contained them, but even more astonished to find how powerful the changes that came about in my life once I deliberately let these old feelings go.

The second great gift of the doctors’ confusion was that I was forced to explore alternatives, which is what led me to healing. I tried many forms of alternative treatment: diet, herbal supplements, acupuncture, reiki, among others. Most of them had at least a short-lived perceptible effect but the one that changed my life was the Body Mirror Healing technique developed by late Sir Martin Brofman. Body Mirror Healing uses the energy that appears to the healer in the healee’s chakras as a code that tells the story of the person’s emotional reaction to the experiences of their life. Its power lies in the extraordinary accuracy with which your body retains your emotional decisions, sometimes showing decisions that you made in the womb, or at birth. A Body Mirror healer will rebalance your energy and feed information from your unconscious self back to you so that you can use the power of your conscious mind to make different decisions that will suit you better. This feedback puts you in charge of your healing and, where your body is concerned, there is no greater power.

The technique takes its name from the perception that the universe we perceive is a mirror of our consciousness, and our perceptions are expressed in our bodies. Our bodies are talking to us all the time, showing us the consequences of our unconscious decisions. A healer acts as a mirror to your consciousness, bringing also the energy to help you return to your whole self.

The journey towards my total healing

When I went to see Martin for a healing, I recognised my life in his comments, but I was startled when he declared the brain tumour was the result of not doing what I wanted to do in my life and revealed tension in my relationship with my father. No one knew about this tension better than me but I had dismissed it as a childhood story I had outgrown. The regular MRI scans showed no change at first, but my inner conviction that I was going to get better by this means grew. I continued to explore and release my feelings, and changed my life to reflect what I wanted to do. This included leaving my job and learning to become a healer. And I took time to visualise my complete recovery, regularly, every day.

A year later the MRI showed a barely perceptible weakening in the shape of the tumour. I was triumphant, to the bewilderment of my family. A year after that, the MRI showed a distinct collapse in the form of the tumour, like the shape of a sail when the wind goes out of it. I knew the result long before I saw it on the scan, because now I was listening to my body. I carried on healing, and writing, and designing my beautiful life. Four years later I returned for another scan, just to make sure I was not deluding myself. I was well with no symptoms, but even so I was nervous when I went to see the scan. The consultant looked hard. Eventually he found a tiny bump, no larger than the tip of my little finger. I was joyful. The tumour had disappeared without surgery or any pharmaceutical intervention. This drama was over for good.

Excerpted with permission from Change Your Mind Heal Your Body published by Watkins Publishing

This was first published in the February 2015 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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